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Good day fellow hunters and sportsman,

Being succesful in any industry requires an individual to start at the bottom of the chain and work themselves up to where they want to be. It takes time, a lot of hard work, dedication and a lot of sacrifices. With this being said I am sure most of my close friends, clients and colleague’s by now know that I have broken ties with Serapa safaris recently and that brings me to my next venture.

I am very excited to announce that I am now operating my own company under my own name JKO Hunting Safaris.

Our main area in South Africa will be in the Free state Province close to a small town called Fauresmith on a Private Nature Reserve called Sandy Mount Park. It is a pristine 40,000 acre reserve that has not been hunted since 2013. Hunting will conducted selectively to maintain consistent high trophy quality. We are looking forward on working with the park to make sure the management is done right through sustainable utilization. We are very excited to offer hunters the opportunity to be able to hunt this jewel in South Africa. Areas like this are not found around every corner. Be sure to contact us if you have interest in hunting a large area with both high quality and quantity of trophies.



We also have access to large hunting areas in the following provinces across South Africa so we can offer hunters a wide variety of terrain and species and prices when planning a safari in South Africa. I will when I return from Mozambique do a separate review on each of the areas in it's own thread.

  • North West Province – 19,000acres (Kalahari area with excellent lion hunting)

  • Eastern Cape – 100,000acres (Free Range Hunting)

  • Northern Cape – 35,000acres (Kalahari dunes)

  • Limpopo – 32,000acres (Conservancy Area with excellent buffalo, bushbuck etc. )
Here are a few of trophies that has been hunted in our areas recently, we pride ourselves in offering only the best trophy quality and safaris in Africa:




When I first started in the industry I met a young ambitious gentleman from France through Facebook who at that same time started an agency in France called Sable Safari. But he did not trust ANY South African outfitter whatsoever. After much negotiation, I finally convinced him to come visit me in South Africa. It was a short visit but we immediately clicked and decided that we will give it a go from both sides. Today Sable Safari is one of the best and most highly recommended agencies in Europe. Sable Safari is not just a booking agency, I would refer to it as an outfitter in Europe. Matthui has access to excellent hunting areas in Spain, Greenland, France and many more destinations all over the world.

JKO / Sable Safari also have hunting quota in Burkina Faso in West Africa in a top area in Burkina. We hunted the area ourselves and it is excellent! I will publish a separate report on AH about our hunt in Burkina soon. We will have some AH members hunting Burkina early next year so please keep a look out for their reports.

JKO Hunting Safaris will be very closely affiliated with Sable Safari in Europe giving us the ability to offer our clients and friends the opportunity to hunt around the world with the same company knowing they will receive the same level of service and professionalism on any safari booked with us anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we will have someone from our company accompanying hunters all over the world. Sable Safari will act as our partner and office and base in Europe for any members hunting in Spain or Europe.

In the USA I have had the privilege to hunt with a lot of Americans and they are all very close to me as we value the same in life. In the USA I have a wonderful gentleman by my side named Steve Dean. Steve is a hardworking gentleman from Richards, MO. With his farming activities Steve also has a company called J&S Worldwide Hunting. “J” was for a friend of his called Jay. Jay retired out of J&S Worldwide a couple of years ago. As such, Steve decided to replace Jay with Jacques. This is a very big honour for me to be a part of J&S Worldwide. J&S Worldwide will act as our base for marketing in the USA.

I also have one more person I would like to thank rather than introduce. I really do not have to introduce him on AH as everyone on here knows him or have heard of him. @PHOENIX PHIL, my friend, thank you for everything you do for me and standing by my side for so long. You are a part of our family. Thank you for all the hard work you put in without expecting anything back at all. We all appreciate it so much and we are looking forward on working with you for many more years to come. I promise this is my last name change for a very long time!!! ;-)

Our website address is http://jkosafaris.com/. Website is still undergoing some changes and updates but should be up and running at full potential within the next month or so.

I am honored to be back on AH and I am looking forward on contributing towards our industry and offering hunters the best safaris in the world.

If anyone has any questions regarding any of our areas or what we offer please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, I will be on a leopard hunt in Mozambique for the next 3 weeks so please contact Phil on AH if you have any questions or requests. We will have some packages on offer here on AH soon.

Thank you all for your loyal support.

All my best,

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Good luck with your new operation. Hope to see you again with Phil at DSC!
An impressive list of pics there. Best wishes for your new venture.
Jacques, welcome to AH! It looks like a fine operation. I’m looking forward to checking out your website when it’s ready.
Congrats my friend! Look forward to speaking in Dallas!
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Welcome to AH Jacques! Nice to have you as part of our community again, really looking forward to your input.
Welcome to AH JKO Hunting Safaris! Jacques I wish you all the success you deserve with your new outfit.
Congratulations on JKO! I wish you the utmost success. Hope to see you at DSC this year.
I hunted through JKO last year with Ockert as my PH, I also see him in one of your photos. Is Ockert still part of JKO?
I hunted through JKO last year with Ockert as my PH, I also see him in one of your photos. Is Ockert still part of JKO?

Yes he is.
Congratulations! Looks like a very nice operation!
Yes sir Ockert is part of JKO and will be for a long time.

Thank you all for the warm words and we are looking forward on seeing everyone in Dallas as well as SCI. I am leaving on a leopard hunt today so will be absent for a week or so... Will hopefully be back with good news and great pictures!
Enjoy the hunt- wishing I was there with you both!! Looking forward to this new adventure as well!! Looking forward to the stories (P.S.- try to keep Steve in line haha!!) and pics buddy!
Wish you the best, Jacques !
good luck Jacques!
Wondered how long you would get along with the Boss lady before you left! LOL
Best wishes sir!
Welcome to AH Jacques! Nice to have you on the site and we look forward to you sharing your stories!

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