Dagga Boy Club With LIFE-FORM TAXIDERMY


    Our season so far...

    Hi all, just wanted to share some highlights and photos from our season so far. the bush and weather has had us working very hard and walking very far this season but it all makes the experience much more memorable. We had a client in june for our 3 buffalo cows package (1 was substituted for...

    Buffalo Bull Hunt Deal Late Season US$8,000 All Inclusive

    BUFFALO BULL LATE SEASON DEAL-2023 $8 000 This package deal includes the following trophies 1 Buffalo bull The package includes the following Pick up and return to JNB int airport, by road (vehicle) 7 nights accommodation , 6 full hunting days, in the lodge which is inside the hunting...
  4. Beautiful gold medal 108" trophy buffalo courtesy of outfitter Karl Goodhand

    Beautiful gold medal 108" trophy buffalo courtesy of outfitter Karl Goodhand

  5. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Bwabwata West National Park NAMIBIA - End Of Quota Sale

    Hello all, we would like to offer you some great packages on our last quota for 2023. The hunts will take place in our Bwabwata West hunting concession. We have limited quota left, and prices are valid for 2023 only. The hunting season ends on 30th November. Bwabwata West is regarded by many...

    Hippo/Buffalo/Crocodile Hunt + 10Days For 1 Hunter & 1 Observer/Hunter @$28,000

    1 x Cape Buffalo 1 x Hippo 1 x Crocodile 1 x Hunter 1 x Hunter/Observer 10 x Days Hunting @ $28 000 Join us in the Greater Kruger, Limpopo Province, for a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. If you have any questions, please visit our website (www.bosssafaris.com) or email me directly (wayne@bosssafaris.com).
  7. Mark Audino - Bongo - Cameroon.jpg

    Mark Audino - Bongo - Cameroon.jpg

    Real men. This Pygmy tracking team in Cameroon deserves all the credit for my bongo. A two-week safari on hands and knees behind them for bongo, dwarf buffalo and forest sitatunga makes me want to go back. Raw, rugged, and real hunting. And don't ask me how, but I missed a buffalo at about 20...
  8. Buffalo


    Real Men. This slightly built and noble safari team member carried this buff from deep in the swamp in Western Zambia to the Land Cruiser. While we struggled to stay upright with just a gun and binoculars, he made it to dry land without faltering once. And he beat us there.

    First Dangerous Game .416 RM rifle... which one?

    Hi there, newby on the forum Been reading quite a lot and I realized that there are many experienced and knowledge people. For the last weeks I was really enjoing reading and learning from you, so If is not a problem or to boring to answer I would like to now your opinions, pros ans cons about...

    Double Buffalo Hunt For US$10,500 All Inclusive Tally-Ho HUNTING SAFARIS

    BUFFALO BULL PLUS BUFFALO COW PACKAGE DEAL-2023 $10 500 2 only of these deals available for 2023 This package deal includes the following trophies 1 Buffalo bull 1 buffalo cow The package includes the following Pick up and return to JNB int airport, by road (vehicle) 7/8 nights...

    In The Quest Of Central Savanna Buffalo In Central African Republic

    Hello everyone Last April we had an hunter and his wife for the first time in Africa that is pretty rare for us!! He had always dream about buffalo and for the experience his wife decided to come also for the unique African experience. Eliane Lefol have been travelling with them from Paris...

    Article On Central African Republic By Lefol Safaris PH

    Hello everyone, Here an article by one of our PH - good reading Africa’s Forgotten Wilderness Aug 12, 2022 Camp overlooking the Vovodo River Hunting in the Central African Republic Today By Andrew Gooden “No, it’s not the Congo – it’s just a bit further north… no, rebel militia doesn’t jump...
  13. Africa's beautiful wildlife!

    Africa's beautiful wildlife!


    Auction SCI Bongo Hunt With Lefol Safaris For 2024 Or 2025

    Hello everyone, We are giving a Bongo, Central Savanna, Giant Forest Hog and 5 Duikers and it will be in auction Saturday during the Safari Club International in Nashville next February. We will all be at the convention booth #840 here the link of the auction...

    Cancellation Hunt In Central African Republic

    Hello everyone, Due to health problems, we had 2 cancellations. So we have 2 cancellations... We have an open date from 7th April to the 12 of May. Bongo, Central Savanna Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog, yellow back duiker, Sing Sing Waterbuck, and many more! 1x1 12 days hunt: 42' 000€ 19 days...

    7 Day Dream Buffalo Hunt South Africa All Inclusive

    7-Day Buffalo all-inclusive Hunt ONLY US$ 10,000 Only US$ 1500 booking deposit Included: - Pick up and drop off at OR Tambo Airport. - Accommodation and transport. - Meals, soft drinks, and beer in moderation. - Daily laundry. - Service of PH, Skinner, and Tracker. - Fully equipped hunting...
  17. Lex Strauss SAFARIS

    Scary Buffalo Hunt!!!

    Hi All The Off Season makes for good time to reflect on the previous season as well as rest and get things done that have been neglected over the past few months like changing light bulbs at home and mowing the lawn :) as well as any other tasks that have been demanded! :) This year has been a...

    Black Black Blue Hunting Package US$12,000

    BLACK BLACK BLUE PACKAGE DEAL-2023 $12 000 fully inclusive This package deal includes the following trophies 1 Buffalo bull 1 black impala ram 1 blue wildebeest bull (looks black) The package includes the following Pick up and return to JNB int airport, by road (vehicle) 8 nights...

    Buffalo Bull Hunt With MATTANJA HUNTING SAFARIS 2023

    Good Day AH Members, I have been privileged to offer clients some fine Buffalo Hunting in the Lowveld the last couple of years with great trophies and next year is no exception. I would like to offer you the opportunity at a traditional, fair-chase Buffalo Hunt for the upcoming season. The...

    Fair Chase Reserve Buffalo Hunt On 44,500 Acres

    Good day AH community, After a fantastic 2022 season on the reserve (we unfortunately had a bit of an interrupted hunting season on the reserve in 2021 due to Covid) we are excited to say we can show off the fantastic results from our hunts this year! We visited with 3 different clients from...

    Old School Buffalo Hunting With BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS 2023

    Good day AH community! As we reflect on a truly incredible 2022 season we find ourselves itching to get back out there and look for the Dugga boys that got away! We are looking set for our best ever year in terms of age and trophy quality in our areas. Whether its a scrumcap bull or a 48 inch...
  22. singleshot


    Outfitter: @Tally-Ho HUNTING SAFARIS Limpopo South Africa - Stuart Williams Owner/PH and PHs Rudi & Willoughby Guns Used: Remington Model 700 in 404 Jeffery. Pacnor barrel gunsmithing by Ernie Boardman Gunners Sport Shop Brooking Oregon. The scope used was a Nikon African 1 – 4x with a...
  23. Busy day at the waterhole.

    Busy day at the waterhole.

    We are truly blessed with amazing biodiversity. There is always something going on here...
  24. Buffalo herd.

    Buffalo herd.

    A nice buffalo herd coming to the waterhole.
  25. Buffalo Bulls.

    Buffalo Bulls.

    A couple of bulls coming down to the waterhole.

    Double Buffalo Hunt Late Season Package US$10,000 All Inclusive

    BUFFALO BULL PLUS BUFFALO COW PACKAGE DEAL-2022 $10 000 ONLY 2 OF THESE PACKAGES AVAILABLE, ONLY FOR 2022, SEPTEMBER OR OCTOBER This package deal includes the following trophies 1 Buffalo bull- UP TO 40" 1 buffalo cow The package includes the following Pick up and return to JNB int...

    The Great Colors Of The Central Savanna Buffalo In Central African Republic C.A.R

    The Central Savanna Buffalo can only be found in 3 countries: Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic (C.A.R). You can find all type of horn and colors and also a big difference on body size from 450kg (992 lbs) - 700kg (1543 lbs). This year we had some great pictures...
  28. Carbon300

    Buffalo Question…

    Hello there, first of all I’d like to thank everyone here for all of the information you’ve provided on this website. I recently returned from my first trip to africa for plains game and have been obsessed with returning since my flight left… I would like to go for buffalo next and wanted to ask...
  29. Bullet Safaris

    Classic Buffalo Hunt With Nathan Askew

    10 days of tracking Buffalo in a Buffalo rich environment. Multiple herds and lone buffalo are common each day. Great camp, good food, excellent staff and the best hunting in Africa. This is a wilderness area in Tanzania. All inclusive Package is 20,000 (includes hunt, all licenses, gun...
  30. Bullet Safaris

    Crocodile, Hippo, Topi & Sable Hunt

    2022 Wilderness Adventure in Tanzania with Bullet Safaris. Excellent hunt, fantastic area and great trophy quality. East African style tented camp, great area, excellent food, professional team of hunters and trackers. Cost USD 55,000 Inclusive of all license, permits, air transfers, road...

    Buffalo Bull & Cow Hunt US$13,500 All Inclusive

    BUFFALO BULL PLUS COW HUNT PACKAGE DEAL-2022 $13 500 This package deal includes the following trophies 1 Buffalo bull 1 buffalo cow The package includes the following Pick up and return to JNB int airport, by road (vehicle) 8 nights accommodation , 7 full hunting days, in the lodge which...
  32. Hit list

    Hit list

    Stack of buffalo trophies hunted @Bullet Safaris

    Cancellation Offer 12 Days Hunt April 2022 Central African Republic C.A.R. Bowhunting As well

    Hello AH member, We have a cancellation opportunity from the 1 April to 15 April 2022. The offer is 12 full days hunt for 20'000€ a unique opportunity You can hunt: Bongo Giant Forest Hog Central Savanna Buffalo Harness Bushbuck Warthog Red River Hog Oribi Western Roan Sing Sing Waterbuck...

    Classic Buffalo Hunt With MATTANJA HUNTING SAFARIS

    Good Day AH Members, For those of you that have had the opportunity to pursuit Buffalo in Africa knows exactly why it is such an adrenaline filled and addictive hunt! For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity, now is the time to start planning... I would like to offer you the...
  35. N

    ZIMBABWE: Triple Buffalo Hunt In Matetsi 5 With MARTIN PIETERS SAFARIS

    Triple buffalo hunt in Matetsi 5, Nov 2021 Outfitter: @MARTIN PIETERS SAFARIS Dates: November 14-22 P.H. Martin Pieters & Ross Johnston Concession: Matetsi 5 Plan: 7 day buffalo hunt (x3 hunters) Rifles used: 375 H&H, 404 & 458Win Game Taken: Buffalo (x3), Kudu, Zebra, Warthog, Baboon (x2)...

    Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari With DAVE FREEBURN SAFARIS 2022

    CLASSIC BUFFALO SAFARI: After a very successful 2021, we at DFS are looking forward to the 2022 hunting season and we are excited to offer our 7 day 8 night Buffalo Safari special to the Africa Hunting community first. The Hunt will test any hunter with long hot days tracking after an old...
  37. osne

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Report Nov 2020 - Cape Buffalo With Spear Safaris

    Here is the hunting report from my long awaited first Cape Buffalo safari, which took place in November 2020 in Limpopo just after South Africa had started to open up from the strict Covid lock-downs. I hunted with Ernest Dyason and Spear Safaris and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice...

    Special & Limited Double Buffalo Bowhunting Package US$10,500

    SPECIAL BOWHUNTING PACKAGE, Total package cost $10 500 per hunter. We are only offering 2 of these packages for the season. This deal is for bow hunting only, late august to October preferably package deal for 1 or 2 bowhunters in the African bushveld. We have 5400+ hactares of pristine...
  39. 2

    Vintage Ammo! — Shoot / Don’t Shoot

    I have some older ammo. About 30 years old. I would like to hunt Buffalo with. Any concerns? Shoot / Don’t Shoot A-Squared 375 H&H 300 Grain Federal 375 H&H 300 Grain Thanks 275

    Old School Buffalo Hunting The BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS Way

    Good day AH community! Those of you who have hunted Cape Buffalo will know exactly why its such an addictive hunt and a hunt that deserves all the respect and prestige afforded to it! If you could bottle the feeling of your first buffalo and sell it you'd most definitely be a wealthy man...

    Package Hunting Deal South Africa Best Of The Best 2022

    BEST OF THE BEST PACKAGE DEAL 4 of these available for 2022 $20 500 ALL INCLUSIVE This package deal includes the following trophies - 1 Buffalo bull - 1 sable bull - 1 Roan bull - 1 kudu bull - 1 nyala bull can be done with bow or rifle The package includes the following - Pick up and...
  42. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Buffalo Cancellation Hunt Namibia Waterberg Plateau Park Discounted Price

    Buffalo Cancellation Hunt Namibia Waterberg Plateau Park Waterberg Plateau Park is situated in Namibia. You will find some of Africa's biggest buffalo in this area. We recently had a cancellation for this year, and therefore selling a tag at a discounted price. THIS HUNT CAN ONLY TAKE PLACE IN...
  43. 7MAG

    Free range buffalo

    Hello all, planning on doing a free range buffalo hunt. I don’t really care what country it is in. Please post pictures of your buffalo taken, with what outfitter and weapon used. I’ll be using a Winchester model 70 375 h&h!
  44. Kkon

    SOUTH AFRICA: Ken Moody Safaris… Yes They Know Buffalo!

    After making the rounds on several outfitters who specialize in Buffalo I settled on Ken Moody Safaris (KMS). The price seemed extremely competitive compared to other outfits and certainly on the lower side. I must admit KMS prices were so low at the time I booked that I was concerned. I’d be...
  45. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    We Finally Got The Phantom Buffalo Bull!

    Several different clients and PH's pursued The Phantom throughout 2021. We started spotting him on a trail camera back in May. With some bad luck combined with his elusive behaviour he always seemed to slip away. The sound of buffalo running and breaking branches had become way to familiar over...
  46. osne

    Greetings from way up north

    Greetings all, I am a passionate and dedicated hunter from way up north, in cold Scandinavia. As a long time safari nut, I have been reading Africa Hunting for years (thanks to everyone in the AH community for posting such good stuff). I have however not previously contributed much to the AH...
  47. Hunting Binoculars

    Hunting Binoculars

    Making a road to a downed buffalo
  48. Remote Hunting Camp Tanzania

    Remote Hunting Camp Tanzania

    Mid day nap after bringing in a buffalo
  49. GioUno

    For Sale Original Buffalo Painting From Artist Mark Enslin Artwork Collectors Item

    Buffalo Artwork original with Zambian wood frame. Only one in the world. Collectors item. USD 5000 plus shipping and insurance.

    Classic Buffalo Hunting Safari 8 Day US$9,995

    CLASSIC BUFFALO HUNTING SAFARI: South Africa is open!!! We currently have 2 hunts at this price exclusively for the 2021 season. The Hunt will test any hunter with long hunting days tracking after an old bull like it’s supposed to be done. This hunt will take place on 54,000-acre private...