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    Vintage Ammo! — Shoot / Don’t Shoot

    I have some older ammo. About 30 years old. I would like to hunt Buffalo with. Any concerns? Shoot / Don’t Shoot A-Squared 375 H&H 300 Grain Federal 375 H&H 300 Grain Thanks 275

    Old School Buffalo Hunting The BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS Way

    Good day AH community! Those of you who have hunted Cape Buffalo will know exactly why its such an addictive hunt and a hunt that deserves all the respect and prestige afforded to it! If you could bottle the feeling of your first buffalo and sell it you'd most definitely be a wealthy man...

    Package Hunting Deal South Africa Best Of The Best 2022

    BEST OF THE BEST PACKAGE DEAL 4 of these available for 2022 $20 500 ALL INCLUSIVE This package deal includes the following trophies - 1 Buffalo bull - 1 sable bull - 1 Roan bull - 1 kudu bull - 1 nyala bull can be done with bow or rifle The package includes the following - Pick up and...
  4. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Buffalo Cancellation Hunt Namibia Waterberg Plateau Park Discounted Price

    Buffalo Cancellation Hunt Namibia Waterberg Plateau Park Waterberg Plateau Park is situated in Namibia. You will find some of Africa's biggest buffalo in this area. We recently had a cancellation for this year, and therefore selling a tag at a discounted price. THIS HUNT CAN ONLY TAKE PLACE IN...
  5. Bearhunter46

    Free range buffalo

    Hello all, planning on doing a free range buffalo hunt. I don’t really care what country it is in. Please post pictures of your buffalo taken, with what outfitter and weapon used. I’ll be using a Winchester model 70 375 h&h!
  6. Kkon

    SOUTH AFRICA: Ken Moody Safaris… Yes They Know Buffalo!

    After making the rounds on several outfitters who specialize in Buffalo I settled on Ken Moody Safaris (KMS). The price seemed extremely competitive compared to other outfits and certainly on the lower side. I must admit KMS prices were so low at the time I booked that I was concerned. I’d be...
  7. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    We Finally Got The Phantom Buffalo Bull!

    Several different clients and PH's pursued The Phantom throughout 2021. We started spotting him on a trail camera back in May. With some bad luck combined with his elusive behaviour he always seemed to slip away. The sound of buffalo running and breaking branches had become way to familiar over...
  8. osne

    Greetings from way up north

    Greetings all, I am a passionate and dedicated hunter from way up north, in cold Scandinavia. As a long time safari nut, I have been reading Africa Hunting for years (thanks to everyone in the AH community for posting such good stuff). I have however not previously contributed much to the AH...
  9. Hunting Binoculars

    Hunting Binoculars

    Making a road to a downed buffalo
  10. Remote Hunting Camp Tanzania

    Remote Hunting Camp Tanzania

    Mid day nap after bringing in a buffalo
  11. GioUno

    For Sale Original Buffalo Painting From Artist Mark Enslin Artwork Collectors Item

    Buffalo Artwork original with Zambian wood frame. Only one in the world. Collectors item. USD 5000 plus shipping and insurance.

    Classic Buffalo Hunting Safari 8 Day US$9,995

    CLASSIC BUFFALO HUNTING SAFARI: South Africa is open!!! We currently have 2 hunts at this price exclusively for the 2021 season. The Hunt will test any hunter with long hunting days tracking after an old bull like it’s supposed to be done. This hunt will take place on 54,000-acre private...
  13. U

    For Sale Vintage 1999 Courteney Buffalo UK 10.5 Mens Great Condition

    Vintage 1999, Made for Westley Richards. There is some wear to the heel but most of the tread is completely intact. No documentation / box included. Pretty sure they are 100% cape buffalo in 2-tone. UK Size 10.5 / US 11 Mens. GREAT condition. More photos can be had on request. PM offers...

    Summer Buffalo Safari Hunt With Dave Freeburn Safaris

    CLASSIC BUFFALO SAFARI: Now that South Africa is open, who is interested in a late 2020 or early 2021 Buffalo Safari. The Hunt will test any hunter with long hot days tracking after an old bull like its supposed to be done. This hunt will take place on our family run preserve comprising of...
  15. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Waterberg Plateau Park Cancellation Hunt Namibia 2020

    One buffalo tag became available for 2020, due to a client having a medical emergency. This hunt will take place in Waterberg Plateau Park in Namibia. It is about a 3 hour drive from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Cost of hunt is as follow (minimum of 10 hunting days): Day rate: USD 950...
  16. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Namibia Relief Hunting Packages For COVID-19 2020

    2020 COVID-19 RELIEF HUNTING PACKAGES NAMIBIA IS OPENING FOR INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FROM 1 SEPTEMBER 2020 Finally some good news! Namibia will re-open the Hosea Kutako International Airport for international tourists from 1 September 2020. Hunters and tourists will be allowed to enter Namibia...
  17. Bullet Safaris

    Anything Africa - Nathan Askew - Bullet Safaris - Zoom Safari

  18. Buffalo - Tanzania - Bullet Safaris

    Buffalo - Tanzania - Bullet Safaris

  19. Glassing Game Tanzania

    Glassing Game Tanzania

  20. Bullet Safaris

    Tanzania 2020 hunting season OPEN - season underway and extended

    Hello, just an update for yall interested in hunting Africa this year. This may be the year for you to act on your plans or wishes to hunt in what is considered the best hunting location in all of Africa! Or possibly a canceled hunt elsewhere has left your schedule open? Tanzania has had its...
  21. Bullet Safaris

    Silence in The Selous

    It was silent and the sun was setting. The truck was quiet as my crew was exhausted. We had been out all day and we had tracked buffalo without getting a shot. The Selous didnt disappoint, proviing us an excellent #safari day. We saw many species from #hippo to #elephant . But the buffalo just...
  22. M

    Wish you could all see this one in person

    Photos don't do it justice.
  23. Wish you could all see this one in person. Photos don't do it justice.

    Wish you could all see this one in person. Photos don't do it justice.


    Buffalo Hunt For The Books!

    This is my first attempt at writing about one of my guiding experiences so please excuse me if it is not the best but I hope you all enjoy it in these quieter times! This story begins a few years back. It was one of the finest Buffalo hunts I’ve been privileged enough to be a part of as well as...
  25. Caza y Safaris Argentina

    Super Price For Hunting Buffalo In Argentina Exclusive AH Members

    Only 3 spots available One for March,one for April and one for May Buffalo+ Fallow deer + Capybara Any size for only US$5900 It's a 5 days hunt. It includes; Accommodation, food & drinks, ground transfer during the hunt, english PH guide Doesn't included; Gun rental, Long distance...

    Tsala Safaris - The Experience

  27. Bullet Safaris

    Buffalo Hunt Tanzania 2020

    $20,000 10 hunting days 1 buffalo trophy fee classic adventure / license / gun permit / meet and greet / daily rate / meals / cold beer / wilderness camp with a butler / trophy fee / excellent area / experienced PH... Its All Here and Included except for travel, other trophy fees, tips, trophy...

    Best Of The Best Hunting Package - Buffalo, Sable, Roan, Kudu & Nyala US$20,000

    BEST OF THE BEST PACKAGE DEAL 2 of these available for 2020 $20 000 ALL INCLUSIVE This package deal includes the following trophies - 1 Buffalo bull - 1 sable bull - 1 Roan bull - 1 kudu bull - 1 nyala bull can be done with bow or rifle The...
  29. Ancient Buff Hunt with Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Ancient Buff Hunt with Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Come along with us as we take you on a hunt for 15 year old dugga boy with Bayly Sippel Safaris and our very lucky client and friend! Thank you once again to Brandon Isaac for the magic he continues to produce, surely one of the up and coming greats. Go on over and give his page and channel...

    Buffalo Hunting The Right Way With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Greeting AH community! Once you've hunted a buffalo you'll realize why its such an addictive hunt! If you could bottle the feeling of your first buffalo and sell it you'd most definitely be a wealthy man! They are truly a noble adversary and its for this reason we choose to conduct our hunts...
  31. Martin Rodriguez

    Tanzania Trip Video

    Hope you like the Video of my trip to Tanzania.

    Buffalo Bull + Cow Hunt With Tallyho US$13,500

    BUFFALO BULL PLUS COW PACKAGE DEAL $13 500 This package deal includes the following trophies - 1 Buffalo bull - 1 buffalo cow The package includes the following - Pick up and return to JNB int airport, by road (vehicle) - 7 nights accommodation , 6...

    Buffalo Bull Hunt 2020/2021

    BUFFALO BULL PACKAGE DEAL $10 000 ALL INCLUSIVE This package deal includes the following trophies - 1 Buffalo bull The package includes the following - Pick up and return to JNB int airport, by road (vehicle) - 7 nights accommodation , 6 full hunting days, lodge...
  34. Spear Safaris

    Bow Hunt South Africa

    10 day Buffalo Bow hunt, 1x1, Rifle welcome if you want!. Day fees @ $ 4200.00 ( includes Bow license,15% Vat, transfer to camp and back from Polokwane) Trophy fee $ 8500.00. Other game available on the same hunt is Sable $ 4 000.00 Kudu $ 2 250.00 Impala...
  35. Martin Rodriguez

    TANZANIA: ZIMBABWE: Back From Tanzania & Zimbabwe

    Will make it a short version, just got back from Tanzania and Zimbabwe with a client, we had a great time in our hunting concession, Hope you enjoy. Dates: From 30 of September until October 20. Calibers: 375, 416, 458, 500. Trophies: Elephant, Buffalos, Puku, Hartebeest, Baboon, Warthog...
  36. adzhoo

    New from Congo/Panamá

    hi there! Currently living in Panamá but raised in the Congo where my parents still live. Love big game hunting and big game spearfishing. Using mostly a battered .375 in the Congo for antelopes and forest buffalos, sometimes a bow, on self guided safaris.
  37. Bullthrower338

    ZIMBABWE: Hunting The BVC In Zimbabwe For Buffalo, John Sharp Safaris Exceeding Expectations

    So many times in life it seems that you spend money on something or anticipate how great something will be only to feel that you could have done better or made a different choice and got a bit more bang for your hard earned buck. This trip was definitely not one of those times. My expectations...

    Buffalo Cull Hunt With Tallyho Hunting Safaris 2021

    ALL INCLUSIVE $9 000- Package Includes: - 2 Buffalo cows - 2 zebra (male or female) - 2 blue wildebeest (not trophy size, male or female) - 1 Day outing to Mapungubwe National Park-optional - All meals and drinks (incl. Local Beer and Wine and spirits) - Accommodation for 7/8 nights, 6/7 full...
  39. cperso

    SOUTH AFRICA: Just Returned From Cape Buffalo Hunt With KMG Safaris

    My son and I just returned from a Cape Buffalo hunt with Marius at KMG Safaris. To say we had a blast is an understatement and managed to take a great bull. I will put together a report later down the track.
  40. Bullet Safaris

    Tanzania Buffalo Hunt 2019 Only

    We have a true cancelation here...it doesnt happen often with us but this client has lost more than a little and it will go directly to your hunt. Area - Rungwa Game Reserve, Tanzania Date - August 13 to 22, 2019 Cost - 15,700 (10day hunt, lic, hunting permit, gun import, taxes, airport pick...
  41. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Greetings from Namibia - Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

    Hi all, My name is Louw Lotter. I would like to tell you more about our operation in Namibia. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris is a family-run operation dedicated to providing a small number of clients with an unequaled opportunity to hunt Africa's great game. With a variety of areas available in...
  42. New Zealand Safaris Hunting

    New Zealand Safaris Hunting

    Texas Hunter Jerry with a huge Fallow Buck Last week.
  43. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard Hunt No Discount Just A Great Hunt 2018 Price If Booked Before The End Of The Year

    BULLET SAFARIS Tanzania Selous Game Reserve You will have the opportunity to hunt leopard, Croc, Hippo and buffalo as well as many plains game species. This is a great hunt in a wilderness area. We specialize in Leopard hunting and you will have a chance at a big Tom leopard with us, be ready...
  44. 1dirthawker

    SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Buffalo Hunt

    hey guys, well, i've been back about 10 days from sunny south africa, figured i should write up a short report. i booked a hunt in 2017, with izak kirsten, owner of WOW Africa. booked for oct of 2018, thats when izak was available to hunt with my buddy rob and i. i took my zoli u/u 450-400...
  45. Rick Cox

    SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa Hunt June 2018 With Pawprint Safaris

    Hunt in South Africa with Pawprint Safaris – June 2018. The plane ride to South Africa was tedious, and the 13-hour layover in Paris didn’t help. On the other hand, it allowed me to stretch out on the floor and get some badly needed sleep. I arrived in Johannesburg tired but not exhausted and...

    JKO Hunting Safaris - Greetings and Introduction

    Good day fellow hunters and sportsman, Being succesful in any industry requires an individual to start at the bottom of the chain and work themselves up to where they want to be. It takes time, a lot of hard work, dedication and a lot of sacrifices. With this being said I am sure most of my...
  47. W

    WANTED: Buffalo Hunt In Zimbabwe Back To The Basics Rough & Tough

    Hi there Gents and Outfitters ! I have a keen interest to book a Cape Buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe. So here it goes and what we are looking for in the hunt. ( Me and my Brother) From the subject line, one could have an idea of the adventure. Why Zimbabwe? well many years ago I have visited Zim as...
  48. G

    Need help with dates for Buffalo Hunt

    We are planning our third trip to Africa in 2019, we currently have dates locked down in the first of August and but have the possibility of moving them to the end of May and first of June. Any one have experience hunting buffalo in early June, flight cost is almost half of what it would be in...
  49. A

    ZAMBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Zambia Chifunda GMA?

    Has anyone hunted Chifunda? any feedback would be really helpful.
  50. Bullet Safaris

    Sable Or Roan Hunt In Wilderness Area Of Tanzania With Bullet Safaris

    Hello to All - here is an opportunity for one hunter in 2019 to add a Sable or a Roan to a Buffalo hunt in Tanzania for $8,000. You will have to buy a buffalo hunt though...don't worry they are a lot of fun. YOU CAN EASILY FIND A CHEAPER SABLE ON A FARM! That is not what this hunt is about or...