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Oct 1, 2007
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Jennifer Ginn from @TRAVEL EXPRESS has been a member and active poster for several years. She has agreed to volunteer her time to assist all of us by sharing her travel knowledge and expertise. I hope that you will seek out her advice to answer your travel questions on this forum or by contacting her directly. I personally use Jennifer and am confident to send those I know to her as she is always friendly, detail oriented and usually ends up saving more than a few bucks. Here is a little more about Jennifer...

Jennifer has been involved in the hunting and outdoor travel industry since 2012. Having been in the specialized travel industry for hunters, along with her own travels and personal hunting and fishing experience, she is able to offer advice and information from a first hand perspective.

You should not have to go through this: https://www.africahunting.com/threads/bad-experience-with-south-african-airways.11419/


TRAVEL EXPRESS - Your Travel Agent Specializing in Hunting!
Jennifer Ginn, Owner/Agent
+1 (406) 363-0883 - +1 (800) 808-4868

Jennifer is very passionate about Africa, the beauty of that continent, it's people, the wildlife and everything that draws people back again and again.

She has worked in the travel agency industry since 2012 and owns TRAVEL EXPRESS, an ARC accredited agency. Her focus is on arranging airfare for sportsmen with an emphasis on African destinations. She strives to offer a very personalized service with the client's budget and needs in mind. She can assist you with all aspects of your hunting travel planning from airfare, lodging and car rentals to entry visa's, firearm permits, etc... Click here to visit @TRAVEL EXPRESS website www.TravelExpressAgency.com.
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Thanks for sharing Lori's fabulous tarvel & hunting career, and remarable trophy photos. Hats off to her for all those skills.

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Thanks for the info.
I called her and booked our 4 tickets to SA for August. $1465 per person to travel all the way from Bismarck, ND is a great price in my opinion.
Not only that wswat, know also that you can rely on @TRAVEL EXPRESS at any time during your trip for your travel arrangements...
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That is true!
She has already been a big help with our trip and I'm sure we will see more and more of the benefits of her yet to come.
My dad and I used Lori to book our flights a couple of months ago for our trip in May to SA. She was very helpful and got us A very good price out of Cleveland. I would definitely recomend her for your travel needs.
My family just returned from South Africa. We used Lori as our travel agent. What a wonderfull experience! Full service. she worked with us for the best price and connections. everything went without a hitch. there was a schedule change whilst we were there and she contacted our outfitter to let us know. I will use her again. Thanks Lori
swwildlife~ Thanks for post - I'm glad that your trip went smooth! Now we're all anxious to hear more about it . . .
Lori at Travel Express goes the extra mile!

My family and I used Lori this year for airline tickets to South Africa, and I couldn't have been happier. She did everything for us. She was on top of any flight changes and kept us posted. When we were at the lodge with 2 days left on our trip the airline cancelled a flight. Lori went the extra mile and contacted our outfitter and relayed the message. If she hadn't have done that we would have missed our connecting flight and would have had a bad day! Now over a month after our trip, we get a refund from the airline for that cancellation. Lori was still looking out for us long after the trip. My hat is off to her! You can bet I will use Travel Express for all my travel needs from here on out! thanks Lori.

A question for you...

Next year When traveling to and in South Africa...if you are traveling with a non hunting partner... on the rifle permit form do you need to fill in there information?...
Hi James~ On Page 2, Section E of the SAP 520 it does ask for "Particulars of Applicant's Spouse/Partner" if they are travelling with you. It's very minimal information - just name and passport number.
i used lori for my namibiam adventure and was very satisfied.

thanks for the infor...my sister is going to go along and i was just wondering...

Hi James~ On Page 2, Section E of the SAP 520 it does ask for "Particulars of Applicant's Spouse/Partner" if they are travelling with you. It's very minimal information - just name and passport number.
The value of a good TRAVEL AGENT is priceless and never to be underestimated.

...who do you want to call when your travel plans changes unexpectedly?

Travel agents are the answer!
I used Lori Spears this time for my travel plans. Being retired airline I looked into my pass privilages and found she could do better than me AND after booking through her office I gotta say- She is the best travel agent I have ever used, period, no contest. Many times better than the big names in the Africa travel game that I have used in the past. If you all don't use her for your tickets you're missing out on a great company.
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Thanks Cliffy~ I really appreciate the kind words. You were a very easy client to work with! Look forward to helping you with all the details until departure!
Lori and Travel Express service

Just talked with a good friend and his wife who returned a few days ago from touring and hunting in South Africa. I put them in contact with Lori for their travel, touring and airline help and they can't stop talking about how well things went working with her. They are extremely pleased with the service they received. Just thought I'd give credit where credit was due. Lori does a great job folks.

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