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    1. woods0824
      How can I get the spam filter to allow me to post a new thread? Long time member, but never posted before.
        Hi woods0824, Please know that the first three posts are sensitive as there are rules in place to prevent the relentless spamming on the site by new "spammer" members. Post three simple posts and then the system will let you do the post you want. Best personal regards, Jerome
        Apr 22, 2020
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    2. Rick Cox
      Rick Cox
      Jerome, I noticed that the active button on the side bar ad for Animal Artistry is not working.
        Thank you for letting me know Rick, much appreciated.
        Apr 21, 2020
    3. observe
      Jerome, can you please delete that 9mm leopard post of mine? Regards !
        @observe, It is done. All the best, Jerome
        Apr 15, 2020
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    4. Tucketed
      Jerome, thank you very much for all you do. It was truly wonderful to meet you and your lovely wife and other AH members. The get together was really a great opportunity to introduce my son James to Africa hunting and we had a blast. God bless and safe travels
      Ed Patton
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        Hi Ed, Thank you for the kind words. The Get Together was a blast and I'm glad that you could be part of it. All the best, Jerome
        Jan 13, 2020
    5. MSJ
      I have a copy of Kevin Robertson's Perfect Shot which is very informative but it doesn't provide the approximate dimensions of the vital triangle kill zone of a Cape Buffalo. Does anyone know the approximate dimensions from a broadside and frontal perspective? Thanks!
    6. Gemsbok Gangsta
      Gemsbok Gangsta
      Hats availability??? Thanks Brad
        I regret to say but I do not have any at this time. When I get some I will be announcing it. My best, Jerome
        Dec 10, 2019
    7. Jeffrey G Keene
      Jeffrey G Keene
      Thank-you! It's good to be here... 'God Bless Us All!!!'
    8. Andre5150
      Hi there. I am writing you about a post you had going a while ago. The elephant that was hunted in Kenya. And the tusks that are missing. That was my great great grandfather. I still have the original photos and would like to get in touch. Thanks
        Replied to your PM.
        Aug 6, 2019
    9. fawaz
      Hi dears
      1. fawaz
        Im new so take time to be aware of the website posts
        Jul 27, 2019
      2. fawaz
        Im planning to hunt SA in coming 3 weeks & want to hunt in your farm. How we can talk to arrange it??
        Jul 27, 2019
    10. smokepole
      I bought a hunt with Willie Botha in Mozambique for next month with legademahunting. I found forum (thread) today saying all is good or all is bad?? according to each side. Who/Where do I call to get ownership questions, liscensed ph verification, quality of hunt etc answered. I am not all in yet but it is time to do so and I cannot afford to mess up as it will probabley be my last hunt. thanks smokepole
        I would suggest posting your questions on forum so that members can reply to it and so that everyone can learn and benefit from the answers as well. Best personal regards, Jerome
        Jul 22, 2019
    11. DHH45
      Received your email on this months offers. Any time I click on on I get a big yellow banner that fills my Android Samsung phone. Is anyone else having this problem?
        Hi, I have not personally experienced this. Feel free to ask in the forum so that members can chime in as well. My best, Jerome
        Jul 22, 2019
    12. Don Hinton
      Don Hinton
      How do I send a PM
        Jun 11, 2019
        Also by clicking on a member's avatar, a window will open up giving you the ability to click on a link called Start a Conversation to send a message to that member.

        Jun 11, 2019
    13. Robert Still
      Robert Still
      Good morning,

      I posted in the greetings section, but someone suggested sending you a direct message. I have an auction hunt that I need to resell. I had planned to go but some personal things have come up that I just cannot justify going at this point. Is there a forum section that I could list details to see if there is any interest? Thank you in advance.

    14. James Buie Rhyne
      James Buie Rhyne
      I posted a want add, but I see I should have worded it different. Can you change it!
        Just let me know what you want changed as well as the link to your add.
        Mar 28, 2019
    15. Marcus bock
      Marcus bock
      Is there a way I can post something on working with wildlife veterinarians or on game reserves in SA/Botswana/Namibia? My wife and I spend 2 months each year doing this and absolutely love it. We work mostly with animals and people that are connected to hunting. I also hunt. I do not make money on this...just think it is something many people may enjoy doing as well as hunting while in Africa.
        Feel free to do so. Jerome
        Nov 1, 2018
      2. Marcus bock
        Marcus bock
        How and where do I do so? thx
        Nov 1, 2018
        Nov 2, 2018
    16. Marcus bock
      Marcus bock
      how do I find reviews on each outfitter for hunting? Thx. Marc
        Nov 1, 2018
    17. Edgar Salwegter
      Edgar Salwegter
      Hi Jerome,
      A Pair Of Mounted Elephant Tusks.
      As my parents are down sizing We have A Pair of Mounted Elephant Tusks Seeking a new Home. Trophy Size.
      These were Registered 1963 in Tanzania. These are mounted on Mahogany Base and are 77 and 79 lbs. Also available are a Hammer Dinner Gong two Tusks of 12 lbs each. These items are currently in Queensland Australia.
    18. Abdullah alkatheri
    19. Doug McElwain
      Doug McElwain
      Hello Jerome. I have read about the land redistribution plans of the current South African government. I know hunting is a large contributor to the economy. How will that affect hunting and the hunting concessions?
      I hope things can be worked out fairly and for the good of all the people.
        Feel free also to post your questions on forum so that members can reply to it and so that everyone can learn and benefit from the answers as well. Cheers, Jerome
        Jun 24, 2018
    20. Catchaser
      Jerome, I was posting a report for De Klerk safaris last night and it is posted under Hunting Africa and titled South Africa Hunting the Kalahari with De Klerk Safaris. Can you move this to page for Hunting Reports. I have spent the last hour trying to figure this out and I give up.

        Your hunt report has been moved to the proper section, thanks for sharing your time in African AH. All the best on your upcoming Leopard hunt in Namibia!
        Jun 22, 2018
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