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  • I am 83 yrs old and won't be hunting Africa or Alaska again. Help selling dangerous game rifles. Text at [redacted] if interested. These rifles are available:
    Butch Searcy Double 470 NE Once fired not ready for my elephant hunt. Like new condition.
    Ruger Safari bolt action 458 Lott. Like new condition.
    Winchester Model 70 375 H&H. Excellent condition.
    Can you advise me to properly post pix, sometimes I get it right sometimes not
    Hi @raamw, Just drag and drop any images directly into your posts and they will upload automatically.
    Many thanks for re formatting my article for the forum

    I served my time in both the bush and during the bush war

    I hope it did it justice

    Education is where it is at - without it the wild places are history

    You - sir - are well placed to make a difference

    You're welcome @bowjijohn!
    And thank you for your message and kind words.
    Your article is a valuable contribution to our community which is greatly appreciated.
    Most cordially,
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da_chooch wrote on SS1's profile.
Is this still available? I have been travelling and just caught back up so not sure if this has sold yet or not! Thanks in advance
Winch on Cruiser packed up had to get my helper winch