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  1. CoElkHunter
    I just wanted to clarify this mess. All shots were taken standing next to the bench using a military style sling for support at 25yds. The three shots in the middle and one just below the bottom...
  2. Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Looks like a bad chamber job mate. I had a similar issue in a non magnum. Cut the barrel off 1 or 2 turns rechamber problem gone
  3. CoElkHunter
    @Wade J VanGinkel Well this is a “custom” off the Whitworth action I guess? First non factory produced rifle I’ve ever owned. It has a 22” barrel instead of the 24” (I would prefer the 24?), and a...
  4. Wade J VanGinkel
    Very nice, Interesting the differences from my 375 Whitworth. I only hold 3 rounds, no banded front sight, and my butstock is smaller. I'm using a small limbsaver slip on and it's a perfect match
  5. Felipe
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