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Roberto Mervicini wrote on krish's profile.
Hello Krish, a member told me that maybe you could help. I am making a 470 Capsticklooking to buy a chamber reamer, reloading die and need some info in regard to loading a 500 grain bullet .475 hard cast gas check to start, have : IMR 4350, 4831, 3031, h1000, RETUMBO and N150.
If you could help i appreciate,
Best Regards, Thanks Roberto
Got this old guy this year in Mafikeng on the plains with a long shot at 300ms he measured just over 19.5 inch
Bush Buck wrote on VonJager's profile.
Hi Tom,

Our conversation record is lost on my end. I'm not sure what happened.
You sent a message last Thursday that you had received my payment for the Ruger 9.3x62.
Can you give me an update about shipping please.

From PA I am an NRA endowment member SCI member RMEF member have been to Africa three times and many elk hunts in Colorado
elephantmaster29 wrote on Norbert Hansen's profile.
Norbert, thanks for your post! Would you ever be open to disccussing elephant?