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Highly Recommend. Fast shipping, good price! Thanks!
Henry's are worth every penny! After a long flight across the Atlantic Ocean, Henry's people are there waiting for me. They escorted me through customs so fast it would make one's head spin! Then we picked up my rifles in less than 5 minutes! Finally, they helped carry my luggage perhaps 200 meters from the airport to the City Lodge hotel. is worth far more than it costs!
Tally-Ho Safaris offers exceptional plains game hunting in Limpopo South Africa on over 17,000 acers! Stuart Williams, PH Rudi Nel, and the entire staff are friendly and professional.

I so much enjoyed hunting Tally Ho in 2021 that I took my wife there in 2022. Plus, we "hosted" my wife's sister's family there for a long weekend. Everything was outstanding! The staff really took care on sister in law and her family. When I see new African hunters ask about a place to take their wives and family, well it's Tally Ho.

Here are links to my two hunt reports coordinated by and at Tally Ho:

Rudi Nell, Tally Ho Professional Hunter and me on a captive bread lion (CBL) hunt in the Kalahari:

Follow on plains game hunt at Tally Ho with wife and sister in law and family:
My 4th booking with them for June 2024,. First-rate.
Excellent job on my 2021 dip/pack.