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  1. Blue Wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest hunted with Boss Safaris & Outfitters
  2. African Hunts & Safaris

    African Hunts & Safaris

    At African Hunts & Safaris we provide outstanding African hunting experiences, paired with our renowned attention to detail in customer service. Not only do we want to make sure that you have a successful hunt, but we also want to make sure that you get to enjoy the incredible wealth of...

    Early/Late Season Hunt & Air Fare Included Special With KWALATA SAFARIS

    Early/Late season Specials With Kwalata Safaris USD 4,700 per person We have specific date blocks available between the beginning of March 2023 to May 20th and from 20th August 2023 to November for South Africa, Limpopo. Please contact us to confirm available dates. The package is a...

    Hunting Giant Forest Hog In Central African Republic C.A.R

    Hello everyone, This years I have done some very nice approach on Giant Forest Hog the wind is the most important factor with them like many other game but when you are quiet and you take your time you can be under 30 years of them! I event try to get as close as you can get in an open biotope...

    Namibia Game Management Hunt & Conservation Initiative

    Dear Hunting friends, we invite you to join us on the following management hunt available for the end of the season. Join us to be part of our next conservation efforts- The Profits received from this hunt will go towards the relocation of 2 Elephants into our Khomas Hochland Conservacy...
  6. Big Sable

    Big Sable


    Giraffe & Zebra Cull Hunt With HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS US$3,375

    Here with is our offer for a Giraffe and zebra Cull hunt from our Buffalo bush camp in the Thabazimbi area of south Africa. This package can be booked for 2022/23 seasons from Feb-Nov Hunt details; This package is for 5 full hunting days and 1 travel day, accommodation will be provided...

    Discounted Roan & Sable Combo Hunt With MATTANJA HUNTING SAFARIS

    Good Day AH Members, I'm offering Sable & Roan Combo Hunts for the upcoming season at a discounted rate. I have a limited number of these packages available, so don't wait to long to get in touch with me! The hunt will be conducted in the Soutpansberg Area of the Limpopo Province. Share this...
  9. AjFourie

    Missing out this year!! Meet us at SCI Booth #1708

    Hi everyone!! So Unfortunately I'm missing out on our marketing trip this year due to visa troubles, It seems that quite a few outfitters and guides have had some problems. But not to worry. Jaco and Lindie has managed to make their way over there! Feel free to pop into the KWALATA SAFARI'S...

    Greenhorn Hunting Package US$3,500 Fully Inclusive For 2 Hunters 2022

    GREENHORN HUNTING PACKAGE US$3,500- FULLY INCLUSIVE FOR 2 HUNTERS 2022 package deal when you bring a new hunter for his/her great first hunting experience in the African bushveld. Note: it only has to be his/her first hunt in africa, can be an experienced hunter, no limit on age. So it must be...

    Spiral Horn Slam With BOSS SAFARIS

    First Timer Package: 1 x Eland 1 x Kudu 1 x Nyala 1 x Bushbuck 1 x Impala 1 x Warthog 7 x Days (1 arrival day, 1 departure day, and 5 days in the bush) @ $6,950 USD The hunt will take place in 2022/2023 - Observers are welcome ($250 per day) - Can accommodate up to 6 hunters at a time. - Other...
  12. Umlilo Safaris

    Rhino Hunt Specials South Africa 2022

    Rhino Hunt Specials South Africa 2022 Various options available 23rd Year as Outfitter....references & trophy photos supplied on request
  13. Caitlin Williams

    SOUTH AFRICA: You Stalk Some, You Shoot Some

    I know this type of hunting is a bit of a sensitive topic so if you would like to know more about the outfitter feel free to contact me directly. I would appreciate no negative commentary, thanks! Day 1 It was about 10 hours’ drive to the hunting area in the Kalahari, northwest province, south...
  14. Ruan Bouwer

    The Biggest Moment...

    It's a cold Saturday morning in the Free State province of South Africa. We are hunting on a good friend of my dad's farm, about a 5 hour drive from where we live. I get up, get dressed and take a handful of 300gr Norma Oryx rounds for the .375 H&H. We had a long night, so a Red Bull and two...

    Kirstie Ennis & Hunting With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Good day AH community! We thought you would all care to read about the wonderful Kirstie Ennis and her hunting experience with us! It was wonderful to see her typing every night after a day of hunting to capture her memories. We think it is something we could all possibly strive to do so we...

    Fly Camp Hunt Package US$2,400

    FLY CAMP HUNT PACKAGE $2400 At TallyHo we will offer a limited number of these down to earth experiences per season so be sure to book yours now! This down to earth package has a total, all inclusive cost of $2400- Rough itinerary (this is an indication and can be easily adapted according to...
  17. Damon Hunts Africa - Part 1

    Damon Hunts Africa - Part 1

    Join Bayly Sippel Safaris and Damon Bungard on his first trip to Africa with bow and rifle! Damon Bungard is an avid outdoorsman and avid blood dog owner. Yo...

    Non Exportable Elephant Hunt 2020 Cancellation Deal

    Good day fellow hunters, I hope everyone is still doing well despite the whirlwind of a 2020 we all had... Due to the pandemic and some unfortunate news from one of my clients wives I need to resell a non exportable elephant hunt I had booked early 2020 in Namibia. Namibia is open for...
  19. Wihan

    Blood spewing lung shot to seal the deal on my new PB Impala ran!

    A blood spewing lung shot sealed the deal on my new PB buck! So blessed to have been able harvest such a beautiful Impala ram! The meat is definitely not going to waste and I will cherish that hunt for a LONG time! #bowhuntingafrica #bowhunt #hunting #huntingafrica
  20. Wihan

    Impala heart shot! (With a crossbow)



    EXPERIENCE A TRUE HUNTING SAFARI LJ SAFARIS is based in the Eastern and Northern Cape, South Africa. When joining us on a hunt you will experience skilled guiding and an authentic hunting safari in Africa. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding hunts in wild places! World class...

    Bayly Sippel Safaris 2020 Photo Diary

    Good day AH community! Here is a thread to keep a diary of the hunting and experiences shared with us in this incredibly odd year! There will be a few fun photo's of us doing what we love with our clients! Hopefully this captures some of our shortened 2020 season and the experiences shared by...
  23. Ruan Bouwer

    Fountains Along My Journey

    I look out over the city lights of Pretoria as I tug on my pipe. Tonight, I am grateful. Regardless of what is going on in the world, in my own country and my city, I have a million things to be thankful for. I write about something that is very relevant to me at this moment in time - fountains...

    What do hunters look for when researching / booking their safaris?

    Good day fellow members, I hope everyone is doing well with what is going on in the world right now. I am not sure if there is a similar thread to this one I am starting now. If there is please forgive me as I could not find it on the forum. This is question that has been on my mind for so...

    Hunt Specials Bayly Sippel 2020/2021

    Hi AH community, We hope you are all doing well in these uncertain times! We have of course unfortunately had a few unavoidable cancellations and wanted to show all of you what we still have on offer for this year as well as for next year. We thought it might be a nice idea to put all our...
  26. Sable Hunting - South Africa

    Sable Hunting - South Africa

    While out hunting on our last safari we saw this beautiful sable bull. Our hunter took full advantage of the opportunity.
  27. Dangerous Game Hunting in Africa - JKO Hunting Safaris

    Dangerous Game Hunting in Africa - JKO Hunting Safaris

    JKO Hunting Safaris offers hunters a wide selection of hunting areas all over the world, we specialize in hunting safaris in Africa. We hunt lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino as well. We provide professional service, experienced guides and exceptional trophy quality. To get your...
  28. katharina vikør

    Videos from recent South African hunting trip

    Hello my name is Katharina Vikør, I have been making videos of me trying different guns, and a few hunting videos on youtube for a few years now. Currently Im working in the Norwegian army, and dont have a lot of time to make videos. However I was recently on a hunting trip to South Africa at...

    SOUTH AFRICA: Covid-19, Africa & Hunting Safaris - JKO Hunting Safaris

    Fellow hunters and friends, I put together this email and send it out to all my clients and friends, I thought that I would also share it on here and update the thread as we receive news and updates. We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, this is...

    Prime Openings For Warthog & Kudu Rut With Best Warthog Outfitter In South Africa

    Good day AH community, I trust you are all doing great and have been enjoying all your respective shows around your various hometowns! I know we thoroughly enjoyed our European circuit! Today we have a phenomenal offer on the cards for anyone interested in checking a big pig off their list. As...

    2020 Trophy Pictures - Hunting Africa and the rest of the world - JKO Hunting Safaris

    Hello to all our fellow hunters, Our 2020 big game hunting season kicked of with a bang in Africa, we had a great couple of days out in our large hunting concession in the Kalahari. 2 Magnificent Sable Bulls (45.5" and 46") After 2 days of tracking finding a good number of 40" to 42" bulls...

    Giraffe Cull Hunts With Henry Griffiths Safaris

    Here is our offer for Giraffe cull hunts for the 2021 season Hunt for 3 days, all normal hunting services included, -Camp -food and drinks -Ph and Tracker -trophy preparation -transport from nearest airport hunt 1 bull and one cow Giraffe(2 total) total cost to Hunter ZAR30000 at the current...

    Hunting Safari In South Africa - Discounted Plains Game Hunt Package

    Hello to all our fellow hunters, I would like to offer this discounted safari package in South Africa to all hunters that is looking for an high end but yet affordable trophy hunting safari in South Africa. This special safari package offer is definitely a lot of value for money! We offer...

    Crocodile Hunting With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Good day AH Community, We hope you are all doing great and are looking forward to all the upcoming adventures! This is an exciting hunt with a crocodiles senses being unparalleled. To make a good stalk in on a croc is the first challenge, the second challenge is trying to hit a golf ball sized...

    Buffalo, Big Crocodile, Black Impala, Golden Wildebeest Hunt With JKO Hunting Safaris

    Good day fellow hunters, I have the following package available in South Africa. Most of the species will be hunted in our Kalahari concession, we will hunt the croc on a different property. We do not do ANY double bookings in any of our hunting areas, we keep it exclusive and personal to any...
  36. Ancient Buff Hunt with Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Ancient Buff Hunt with Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Come along with us as we take you on a hunt for 15 year old dugga boy with Bayly Sippel Safaris and our very lucky client and friend! Thank you once again to Brandon Isaac for the magic he continues to produce, surely one of the up and coming greats. Go on over and give his page and channel...

    Sable Hunting With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Good day AH community, Sable used to be an animal only reserved for royalty and thus it was named a "Royal Antelope". it is however now another one of South Africa's major conservation success stories! Due to years of intensive breeding and population redistribution this once rare species is...

    The Royal Macnab - The Ultimate Sportsmans Challenge

    Hi AH community, here is a unique hunt which we hope you find as fun as we do! PLEASE don't forget to check the YouTube video out from 2019's Macnab attempt. The link is below the pricing! The Macnab is a traditional challenge dating back many centuries. It was considered to be the ultimate...

    Greetings from Bayly Sippel Safaris - New Outfitter on the block!

    Hi to the Africa Hunting community! Michael and myself (Dempsey) are very excited to now officially be a donor/sponsor after many years of talking about it. We look forward to speaking with all of you and getting involved in this community. Hopefully we get to meet some of you over on our side...
  40. Hunting Kudu in South Africa

    Hunting Kudu in South Africa

  41. Ruan Bouwer

    Dear Mr. McCallum...

    "You know, Bwana, if I stand here long enough, I will see God himself." These are the words that a Maasai poacher once said to Alec McCallum after looking out over the Ngorongoro Crater for the very first time in his life. Alec always told this story to my father and other people who had the...
  42. Wihan

    Shooting a zombie buck! African animals are tuff as nails!

    This video proves just how tough these African animals are! Although we initially thought this Impala ram was dead, he had other ideas when I grabbed his horns lesson learnt about making 120% sure the animal is dead! I put the full stalk part in to show just how the whole hunt down
  43. Wihan

    My dad harvested a GIANT wildebeest bull! Great shot placement meant the bull did not make it far!

  44. Wihan

    My dad gets his first ever bow kill! A great warthog!

  45. KMG Hunting Safaris

    KMG Hunting Safaris Annual PH's Hunting Trip - Hunting Fallow Deer in the Rut

    As the second week of April comes around every year, a couple of the KMG Hunting Safaris PH's gather for the annual Fallow Deer hunt with bow. The hunt is done by walk and stalk, and once you set your foot on the ground, the unmistakable grunts of the stags chasing the does, informing other...
  46. Wihan

    Amazing hunting compilation


    Cape Buffalo Hunting with JKO Hunting Safaris

    A short video clip of a recent buffalo hunt with JKO Hunting Safaris in our 50 000 acre plus hunting area in South Africa.... I will upload more hunting clips throughout the season... All my best, Jacques

    Leopard Trailcam Pictures - JKO Hunting Safaris

    A thread to show you guys what we have on bait through out the season and also when we hunt leopard... These first pictures are the activity we have on baits now and were all in Namibia, our partner that we work with in Namibia is already pre-baiting for a safari in April.

    2019 Season Trophy Hunting Pictures and Updates - JKO Hunting Safaris

    Good day fellow hunters, On this thread we will post updates on all our safaris all over the world through out 2019.... We hope you enjoy the pictures and updates! All our best, JKO Hunting Safaris Here with our first couple of trophies taken for 2019, we truly pride ourselves in the...

    Beginners Hunting Package For 2019

    HUNTHOEK HUNTING SAFARIS We are proud to offer you the following Beginners packages for 2019! Only 3 packages available. Hunt must take place in 2019. 6 Trophy Animals included: 1 x Blue Wildebeest 1 x Nyala 1 x Impala 1 x Common Blesbuck 1 x Common Springbuck 1 x Warthog You’ll have 7...