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  • I hope your hunting season has started off well. I am coming to Namibia for the 7th time in late April of 2022. I am bringing two friends who have never hunted outside of the USA. I have several questions, but before I write them all, I will wait to see if you receive this. Please give a regards.........................Bill...............Idaho, USA
    hi interested in a hunt for my son and I probably in 2020. would be interesting in 12 to 14 animals split between us some being trophys and some being culls. would it be possible to do that in 7 days hunting? what constitutes a cull and are culls available at all times thanks tim
    Good day I tried sending you a email and it said couldn't find your address . Thank you Forrest
    If you have any questions regarding Namibia, please feel free to contact us!
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    Good day, looking for a management hunt for 2 hunters in 2023. Looking for a great hunting experience. Looking for general plains game: zebra, wildebeest, oryx etc. U know better than us whatnis available. Pro able 3 to 5 animals each.
    Can you help us?
    Looking to stay 7/ 10 days...whatever is normal.
    Thxing u in advance.
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