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  • Mtn_Infantry,
    That's a monster buck you have in your avatar! Very Nice! Anyway, my brother in law and myself are planning to do some fishing while in Port Aransas. I think he/we are planning on taking a boat charter out a couple of days. He's a serious fisherman and I am not. Any suggestions?
    Mark Griffin
    Hey Mark,

    Thank you, he was shot in Public Land in NM last year. I actually drew the same tag this year hoping to top it.

    Ill shoot you Alan’s info. I believe he guides some trips but not sure how booked out he is at this point.
    To get that buck on Public Land is quite a feat! I've seen a couple but never had a shot. My father in law has taken two 340 elk bulls on public land and that IS quite a feat too! Both un guided. If Alan has some info, that would be great. Thanks!
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Gerry Addison wrote on's profile.
I would like to delete my last post on the the thread where to hunt big cape buffalo. I haven't been to that area for a few years and it may be very different now. Not fair of me to post this.
Montana hunter and avid sportsman.
Inline6 wrote on Chris Sells's profile.
PM me when you get a chance, have a few questions for you.
steve white wrote on Pheroze's profile.
Pheroze: I was intrigued by the blog on 400, 465 H&H in which you stated you were having a rifle reamed out to accomodate the larger bore. Who is doing the work for you, do they then provide cut rifling or buttoned. Will a 375 H&H rechamber to the 400 H&H. Is there much ballistic difference between it and the 404/375
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