Nice write up, I also earn to go back and take my son for his lion just need to get the budget in order.
Hans, runs a super clean operation.
Luckily I was there when it was hot otherwise I would have had other thoughts about Frikkie :E Happy:

If you can, do it I shot my lioness at a short distance on day 3.
Congratulations @PARA45 ! Excellent write up of a lifelong dream hunt. You made your enthusiasm palpable in your description ! Very well done indeed!

But this report does not let you off the hook for the rest of the safari ! Curious to know what else happened!
Hi Oscar
Thank you for the kind words about us.
We are glad that you enjoyed your hunt and completed a lifelong dream for you.
Everybody here said I must say Hi to you.
They all enjoyed your hunt report (even Frikkie with the blankets around his legs)

Hans de Klerk
Congratulations @PARA45 ! Excellent write up of a lifelong dream hunt. You made your enthusiasm palpable in your description ! Very well done indeed!

But this report does not let you off the hook for the rest of the safari ! Curious to know what else happened!

Actually that was the end of my safari, and didn't hunt any more after the lioness. I had exceeded my budget by a bit and truthfully I was happy with the outcome of my safari and I was fine by sitting around reflecting on this beautiful adventure. Hans offered me a free cull warthog hunt, and I politely declined his offer. I was in such a high from the lioness hunt, that I didn't want anything to get in the way of this great feeling. Weird, because other wise I would have jump at an opportunity to continue to hunt. LOL!!!! For the remaining days, we drove around the property looking at animals and taking pictures. Life was good and I was still in Africa. :)
Well done, congratulations on a successful hunt.
Excellent report!!! Took me right back to when I was there and I cant wait to get back........God willing.

Gorgeous rifle btw.......;-)

I got that rifle from a fine gentleman with excellent taste for good looking rifles. :) BTW, the more I shot this rifle, with the outcome of everything I shot at, the more my confidence grew. It has become my new favorite rifle.

BTW, I shot Frikkie's 416 Rigby, so now I want one. I think I've been bit by the big bore bug. LOL!!!!!
Congrats @PARA45 , beautiful lioness, my very favorite african animal.

In 2010 I went along with a friend who hunted his lioness in the Kalahari, with Serapa Safaris, the experience was very similar to yours.
I get behind the rifle, and I finally see the Lioness, and she is not aware of our presence. She is looking at the buffalo. I can hear my heart pounding, and I can't seem to be able to stay steady, I'm all over the place, and I'm not happy with my self. I motion with my elbow to the tracker who is next to me, and without hesitation he understood what I meant, and knelt next to me and I was able to rest my elbow on his shoulder. Great, I am solid, and I have the Lioness in my sights. I study their anatomy enough to know where to shoot, but I had to wait for Hans or Frikkie to tell me to shoot. I'm trying to calm myself by taking some deep breath, and I then hear Hans with is calm voice tell me that the Lioness is sitting down and to put the crosshairs in front of her right shoulder. Funny that is where my crosshairs have been for the last couple of seconds. Hans whispers and tells me to shoot when I'm ready. I am rock solid, and not moving, but my heart is about to explode and can't seem to be able to control that, but my breathing is good. So, I take one deep breath, exhale about half, and all I see and hear is her and my heart. The world stopped during this time, and I have this tunnel vision. I fired, and I hear the impact, and I see the Lioness jump in the air and do a summersault. I'm reloading, and I hit the tracker next to me on the face with the empty case I ejected from my rifle.

I hear Hans that she ran to the left, but I didn't see anything. We move forward, and I have Hans to my left with his double, and the tracker who is 3 steps in front of me. We close the gap, and within 20 feet or so, they both stopped, and point towards where the Lioness is laying. Another serious pucker factor, is this thing dead, is she playing possum. I'm holding my rifle and moved cautiously toward the Lioness, I'm approaching from the side, and Hans is right in front of her. Hans pokes her face, and she is dead. She ran barely 20 ft from where she was sitting to where she expired.

I approached her, and place my hand on her, and lost it. I cried like a 5-year-old, and sat there, the world had stopped again, and it was her and me in the sand of the Kalahari. I thank her and God for this great opportunity to hunt one of His greatest animals and pet her while not believing I had done this. Hans and Frikkie gave me my time, and they moved to the side to give me a little bit of privacy. I got up, and I approached them and thanked them. I had my Lioness. My heart was a mess and full of mixed emotions, I was happy, I was sad, I had remorse, and still today I try to figure out why and can't seem to find the reason.

View attachment 472507

I told Frikkie I wanted some pictures of where she expired.

View attachment 472509

View attachment 472510

Frikkie is to my right, and Hans to my left.

View attachment 472508
I took a male lion in this very same camp 9 years ago! Great camp, great people, I also took a 36 7/8” eland here! I so much appreciate reliving my hunt through your hunt report! Thank you very much for taking the time to post this!
Congrats on your lioness! Well done. Thanks for the report
I am only 3 months away from my lion and lioness hunt and reading your story I put myself in your shoes and my heart began to beat fast. congratulations for that great lioness and thanks for sharing
Great write up and hunt. Congratulations on your lion. Your story line tells it all....
Congratulations on your dream coming true.
Thank you as well for sharing with us. Well done

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