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Jan 11, 2020
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Gentlemen. Our time is precious. Therefore this short hunting report with the warmest recommendations to the De Klerk Safaris, who deliver what they promise.

Last year - in April 2019, my wife and I were on a lion hunt at the De Klerk Safaris.
I had already booked "the big package" Level D Lion - 12,000 US Dollars.
EVERYTHING on the trip went as expected - and more.
Marie and Hans de Klerk picked us up as promised at Tambo Airport in SA.
After that, we had 5 wonderful hunting days in a huge game area that housed virtually all African game species.
De Klerk Safaris owners and staff did a great job every day, to spoil us with the best food and great service.
Their PHs and tracker did a fantastic job in the field, resulting in us already on the 3rd day, I put down my beautiful male lion - and the day after a top trophy of a Sable antelope - who attacked us when we thought it was dead.
A fabulous experience that ended just under a meter from my PH's when it was sent, with one last well-placed shot, in orbit to the eternal grasslands.
That was the hunt.
As far as trophy handling and forwarding the trophies to conservator in SA, this also ran like lubricated in oil.
60 days after completing our hunting safari, our trophies were delivered to the South African Conservator.
The trophies are now finished and on its way to Europe, where I receive them in early March.

I have been on hunting trips in Europe, Canada, Australia and Africa. In Africa up to several times. The De Klerk Safaris are here AT THE TOP among safari operators I have had the pleasure of visiting.
I highly recommend the De Klerk Safaris, if a big mane lion is on your Bucket List.
Lion hunting never gets cheaper than it is now, so raise your savings and realize your dream
And none of us know how long it will take before an import ban also hits your country.

Niels Bach
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Just epic, sound that you had a great time!!!! CONGRATS! love the trophies.
Congrats for a great hunt !
Best Niels
Thank you for the kind words.
We try our very best to send every client home happy.
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Congrats and thanks for posting.
WOW! What a great mane on that cat. That sable is a great trophy as well. Congratulations on having such a great hunt.
Kronborg, welcome to AH! It looks like you and the wife had a wonderful adventure! Lions can be very exciting to hunt! You took a handsome one for sure!
Congratulations on your success.

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