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  • Good afternoon, please send me a list of pricing for 2022.
    Hi @Cowboy, Your private information was removed from your post for privacy reasons. If you want to provide someone your personal information please do so in the Conversation/Private Message (PM) system, thank you.
    As per our posting guidelines:
    It is not okay to post your own personal information or post links to your personal information, including but not limited to email addresses, telephone numbers, mailing addresses or identification numbers. If you want to provide someone else your personal information please do so in the Conversation/Private Message (PM) system.
    Can you please email me list of prices - interested in looking at leopard especially if you have a cancellation hunt in 2018. My email is dtarin09@yahoo.com.
    I'm interested in a leopard hunt in May 2108. Would you please provide me information on such a hunt? Price to include the trophy fee and baits, what are do you hunt? I'd also be interested in a sharpes grysbok, bushbuck, spotted hyena, and puku. Most likely one hunter and one non hunter. I have hunted Leopard before in Zim and was not successful. Thank you for the info.

    Hi Patsy, Nice to hear from you. Yes I'm on the farm in Luangwa from January, and stay here up to November...
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Life Member Dallas Safari Club
Nevada Mike wrote on qmrp2567's profile.
375 H&H brass...

I'd like to have them. $125 for the 100 cases, don't want the smashed ones.

I am in Sonoita, AZ

We cannot wait to share in some amazing adventures with everyone in 2023 again! Please don't hesitate to message us for a quote, customized safari or even just a chat! #HuntBaylySippel
BLJC30 wrote on Tgood1's profile.
I seen a post saying that you do taxidermy in WV. Where are you located in WV and do you have a price list?
I'm going on my first safari in June.
SteveSac wrote on mdwest's profile.
Hey There,

Im looking to book my first African Safari for 2024 for my 40th birthday. I've never hunted Africa before, but was going to head to SA with my wife for a week then see her off and then stay and hunt.

Saw your safari come up as a recommendation and wondering if you had any time to chat.