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Jul 25, 2018
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This was my first trip to Africa. It was awesome! I'm a bow hunter. I recently attended a class in Las Vegas about arrow penetration. I decided to bring two bows; a bow with light fast arrows and another with heavy arrows. I was more than surprised at the results. I made a video about my experience. This video is a gift to Hans de Klerk, its a thank you for the wonderful experience my wife and I had hunting with him. I hope that other first timers coming to Africa to bow hunt may avoid the mistake of bringing the wrong equipment. I also hope that other first timers choose a very reputable outfitter like Hans de Klerk. I hope you enjoy the video:

For questions about the hunt and things you should know to protect yourself...... you can reach me at my email at the end of the video.

I"d love to hear from you.
Breen Smith

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Hey Breen
Thanks for the kind words.
Happy hunting.
Congrats, and nice video!
Nice video. I had the same thought for my trip coming up this spring for my first safari. I found the Shaeffer performance archery sight and bought 2. They are removable but “snap”into place.
I have one set for Cape buffalo and one for Plainsgame. I have arrows for each to coordinate with. Was cheaper than 2 bows and easier to pack. At least that is my thought on it.
Nice video Africa sure is a fun places to bowhunt

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