NAMIBIA: ZAMBIA: Namibia & Zambia, The Tale Of Two Leopards

Thanks for sharing this part of the journey, and congrats to your daughter!
Congrats on the first leopard! What an adventure and memories you all are creating!
Congratulations to your daughter on a beautiful cat, well done! Thank you, for taking us along and sharing this wonderful adventure.
Man what a grind. Great cat.
Life’s lessons taught to your daughter. What a hunt. Congrats to you and certainly to your daughter. Having 5 adult children I understand how important life lessons are as well as great family memories. Congrats again.
Congratulations all around and especially to your daughter on a successful leopard hunt. What a joy to spend time on safari with family in a beautiful place such as Mbizi. Thanks so much for taking us along, your write up brings back many wonderful memories of my time there with my wife hunting cape buffalo a few years ago. Go luck on the rest of your journey.
That is a very good cat, congrats to your daughter !
Congratulations to your young lady and her team.
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What an awesome trip for you and your family. Congratulations!
Great memories for all of you.
Looks like a really nice cat. I hate to say it, but I'm glad she had to work for it. If she'd of gotten a cat on the 2nd or 3rd day it would mean far less to her. This one she and your hunting group EARNED. It wasn't easy and thus she'll treasure and remember it the rest of her life. Congrats
Congrats to you all! This hunt will always be a highlight for your daughter due to the perseverance required. Well done!
JES Adventures , you guys are doing it right. Congrats all the way around. So far this has been a perfect family hunt, looking forward to the second half of this adventure.
Congrats to the young huntress. I know you and your wife have to be extremely proud of your daughter and her hard work and perseverance she displayed on this hunt. She will remember this the rest of her life.
Day 13

I was the first one up so off to the deck I went for coffee. It was a gorgeous morning, I managed to get five and a half hours sleep but honestly don’t feel bad.

Melcom showed up a few minutes later then Strang rolled in about half past ten. He looked rough, said Deb and the girls kept him up past three!

After a hearty breakfast Strang took off to retrieve game cameras and drop baits. He’ll take a pile of meat back to the site by the dam we baited for hyena, and they will hunt there this evening.

Deb showed up about eleven and the girls ordered lunch at half past twelve.

Most of the day was spent getting rest and recuperation.

At four the hunting party took off for hyena.

I spent part of the afternoon confirming our travel plans for the next couple of days. We will drive to Lusaka in the morning then catch a flight to Livingstone. I booked us into the Royal Livingstone Hotel for two nights so the girls can hit the spa.

In three days we will take a charter from Livingstone to Bushmanland for the next leg of the adventure.

As I watch our final sunset turn the sky to crimson red, I feel abundantly blessed to have been at Mbizi the last two weeks with my family. It is a beautiful and wild place with an absolutely amazing camp. Certainly, in the top five Safari camps I have ever stayed in.

We sat down to dinner and before the soup was finished, we could hear singing off in the distance. After a few moments it was confirmed as the cruiser pulled in the camp with lights flashing and people singing. They were successful taking the spotted hyena and everyone ecstatic!


We dined on kudu stew with rice and a beautiful fresh fruit platter for dessert.

It was a great close to a wonderful and challenging Safari that we will all remember. A combination of hard work, adrenaline and adventure, (and a couple of celebrations) have caught up with us all and all retired right after dinner.

Michael de Gre-Dejestam is an outstanding host and a perfect gentleman. We came here as clients and are leaving as friends. By the second day in camp it was as if we have known each other for decades. We share many of the same beliefs, passions and opinions which made for wonderful conversations.

I’m sure I will hunt with Michael again someday and I look forward to it.
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Congratulations to your daughter, that is a very nice looking leopard.
Waiting for the Namibia portion of this hunt. Thank you for the write up. Sounds awesome.

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