ZAMBIA: SOUTH AFRICA: My Hunt With Takeri Reserve, Diekie Mueller Safaris & Coenraad Vermaak Safaris


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Sep 10, 2009
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I was going to start this a couple of days ago, but life can be busy. Especially when packing for Africa. Thsi hunt started almost 2 yrs ago at SCI. I bought a auction to hunt with Diekie Mueller safaris. It included 7 days for 2 hunters and a $3000 trophy fee credit. I hunted in May with a company my taxidermist recommended. It generally was a good hunt. Some challenges, but some great animals. Last Christmas I tried to give this hunt away at a drawing in my store. The winners wanted to do a photo safari and Diekie flat out refused. So we sent them to Hawaii instead and they were thrilled.
Still needed to use the hunt or lose it. Open dates were very early or late. So I chose late and decided to add some extra hunting on to it. Tried to give this hunt to my dad w/ me as observer. He just turned 80 and didn't feel up for it..... So I then figured if I was already in Africa lets add on to it! Looked at late season elephant and buff hunts, but my dates didn't work for the outfittors or nobody to do a 2:1. Just didn't work out.
That is until Spike posted the make an offer at Takeri. I gulped and made my best offer. Included $100 directly to Spike for his alcohol....... I think thats how I got to go there. With that set I then started looking for a possible 3-4 day hunt for Vaal Rhebuck. Talked to several people and just hadn't put it together. Then the cancellation hunt with Coenraad Vermaak safaris came up. The more I looked the better this hunt looked , so I booked it.
Time is limited...... My wife was VERY understanding, but I couldn't go for 18 hunting days. So I shortened the auction hunt to 4 days. Still have 15 hunting days and away from home/work for 3 weeks....
I originally booked to fly from Denver as a Gillette departure added about $650 to the airfare. After I booked my wife got nervous about weather potential and had me use credit card miles to book from Gillette. Now for the first challenge. They couldn't book me through to Jo-berg. Have to collect my rifle and bags in Denver and recheck......... I have about 3 hrs, so I should be able to get it done in that amount of time. Just an extra hassel that I didn't need. Almost boarding time. More to come as I have time. Bruce

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Wow I think you have one great trip ahead of you. Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out for you.
AH HA! I've got a new adventure to follow and keep up with. Good luck with the travel and even better luck on the hunt.
Yes best of luck, look forward to more!
good luck! three weeks wow you must have had some major brownie points stored :)
Looking forward to reading this report. Safe travels!
Enjoy your hunt!
good luck! three weeks wow you must have had some major brownie points stored :)
My wife is very understanding and supportive. She thought about coming with me, but is headed to Brazil to photograph Jaguars in the wild.... The group she is with only go every other year. Soo we both have trips that we wanted to do.
Took less than 1 hr to collect bags and recheck them. Firearm took a while as the fellow helping me had not done many and had some error. They thanked me 2 times for my patience. No big deal as long as they get it right and the rifle arrives where its suppose to... Will likely have to do the same on the return. Have about 7 hrs to do it returning so no big deal then too.
My rifle for this trip is one I had custom built as a long range carry weight rifle. Without the scope it weighs about 7 1/2 lbs. With scope and all in is less than 9lbs. So not too bad to carry. It has a custom titanium action with a bartlein spiral fluted barrel. A Manners stock and a Timney Calvin Elite trigger. It shoots better than what I do. Its a 7mm SAUM (short action ultra mag). For this trip I am again running 160 gr AB's. Last trip they really did well for me. Last group 3 days ago put 3 shots virtually in 1 hole. I have a March 2.5X25X42 scope on it. Love the 2.5 low end for hunting close and the ability to magnify things when needed. With my handloads I'm getting about 2990 fps with this load. Not much different than the 3020 fps I get in my 7mm Mag.
Well on to Dulles and arrive in Jo-berg tomorrow. Overnight in Jo-berg and then on to Ndola and Takeri on Sat the 29th. Takes forever to get there! I get to hunt with Patsy the 30th untill the 3rd. Should be lots of fun. Bruce

Look forward to hearing all about your hunts.

All the best.
Diekie Mueller runs a good outfit but his trophy fees are quite high.
Diekie Mueller runs a good outfit but his trophy fees are quite high.
That is true. His list price for an Impala is over $700. His TV appearances have probably boosted demand and allows him to be a bit higher. That was the main reason I went to only 4 hunting days with him. I met him at SCI and I expect to have a great hunt with him. Bruce
Hope you have a great hunt!
Shoot straight and have fun Bruce.
Good luck and have fun! Looking forward to hearing the tale!
im eagerly awaiting the pics and end of the story.
Funny how excited I get over someone else's hunt? Have a great time!
Best of luck- this sounds like it should be an entertaining hunt! looking forward to hearing all about it
Best of luck to you.
I am eagerly awaiting your pics and stories.
Bruce is being a little modest about his 7mm, I have seen it in person and when it hits an antelope...all I can say is wow! The phrase DRT doesn't do it justice. Have a great trip, and can't wait to live vicariously through you for a couple of weeks!

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