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  • I just joined today, I live in Louisiana. I joined mostly because of all of the 35 Whelen discussion as I am now very interested In the 35 Whelen. I have an 1885 Highwall that J.E.S.S. rebored to 35 Whelen

    Also own 338s 375 and both a 416 rem and Rigby
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    Bob Nelson 35Whelen
    There are lots of great threads on the forum about the 35Whelen. For some strange reason people think I am some sort of whelen guru. I am not I just found some loads that bring the Whelen velocities into the 21st century.
    250 grainers at 2,700fps
    225 grainers at up to 2,950 fps.
    You can PM me if you want any information.
    My apologies Obi Bob Kenobi. ;)
    MS 9x56
    MS 9x56
    You are too modest Bob. Welcome aboard JWP475. I myself am a 35 caliber junky but also have a CZ 550 FS in 9.3x62. Check out Bob's previous posts and you will learn much about the Whelens capabilities. I have a Savage 99 I have been thinking of sending the JESS to rebore to 358 win.
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john corry wrote on Alexandro Faria's profile.
I remembered you mentioned a dealer in Gauteng regarding a Rigby 350? May I ask who that is? I’m a collector of rigby rifles. Many thanks. John
I am alive and trying to find some hard-to-find reloading dies in .475 #2 (not Jeffreys)
Hi, I’m going on a Leopard & Lion hunt, I’m taking my 338 Blaser mag loaded with 225gr Nosler Accubond moving at 2850ft/s. Will the Nosler Accubond be an excellent bullet on this leopard & lion? Thanks
raamw wrote on MShort's profile.
I have an as new M70 right hand with standard wood of excellent graining and a winchester synthetic
Looking for a 358 Norma Mag.