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  • Hi Shootist43 - regarding your question on the load for the ELD-X 143 Gr. I load with Vithavouri N550. It shoots pretty good groups across the spectrum but I ended with a load around 41.3-41.5 gr. Measured the speed with a Ladradar Doppler radar and the average was around 2680ft/sec.
    Thanks for the info. I received a LabRadar unit for Christmas. I haven't use it yet, It is winter here and too cold to be comfortable outside.
    Thanks for your post, someone already might be interested in the 416 Norma and they messaged me last night, if they do not respond back interested I will let you know as you are next after them.
    That is only fair. Sounds good to me.
    Kane Kleinschmidt
    Hey, the guy who had wanted the 416 brass never got back to me so if you want them, they’re yours.
    Eland, Orix, cebra, whartog, gnu, hartebeest, kongoni, impala, kudu, búfalo...
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