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Saving for a Leopard hunt. Nov 6, 2018

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Oct 13, 2019 at 9:56 AM
    1. Camdog

      If you still have the Brockman pop up sights and are willing to part with them for a quick profit, I am interested.

      I had a pair on a Lott, however, the base screws sheared and I lost the rear sight.

      If interested: PM me
    2. AZDAVE
      Saving for a Leopard hunt.
    3. Mike Vieaux
      Mike Vieaux
      Dave can you call me about address and payment 6083934190 mike
    4. thriller
      im looking to do a conversion from 375 H&H to 404 like you did, what exactly was involved and if you don't mind what was the cost of the project.
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      2. AZDAVE
        I fit the front and rear bases and solder them in place. Cost was my time. I then cera koted the barreled action and put it all back together. It feed well. But you may have to do a little file work on the action side rails if it doesn't feed properly.
        Aug 18, 2015
      3. AZDAVE
        My was good. Pac nor will re-barrel a many different actions (listed on their web site) I am completely satisified with their work.. I hope that helps. Dave
        Aug 18, 2015
      4. AZDAVE
        Total cost for me was I bought the rifle for 1000, 600 on rebarrel, 195 for sights, 35 for materials to finish So about 1850 total
        Aug 18, 2015
    5. AZDAVE
      Yes I reload, but have never tired 350gr only 480-500gr. Headed to south Africa Limpopo region for Cape buff and cape eland.
    6. Fr8liner
      Oh by the way, where you heading to in Africa and what's on the list?
    7. Fr8liner
      Thank you for that Dave. On your 450NE have you got any experience with 350g soft nose bullets, that is assuming you reload? I just got some in and am battling to find data. Currently running 500g Hornady solids with 90g to give 2200 ft/s, also gonna try some 450g Barnes X.
      Regards David
    8. Fr8liner
      Hello AzDave, I have a 450NE in an over under double. Been thinking about a second set of barrels for it to shoot smaller game and possibly with a bit more range. I was thinking of a 9.3x74R and noticed you have both these calibers, what do you think?
      I have a 9.3x62 in bolt action therefor this helps reloading material.
      1. AZDAVE
        I really like my 9.3x74R Chapuis double. Plenty of power regulated very well. I am taking it to Africa this year as a backup for my 450NE. I would reccommend it as a second set of barrels. I can share some load data for swift, woodleigh, and northfork bullets. Dave
        Jan 18, 2015
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    • Hunter
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    South Africa, Alaska,lower 48
    Species I have hunted in Africa:
    bushbuck, Kudu, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Diker, Warthog, Blesbuck, Impala Cape Buffalo, Cape Eland, Sable, Roan, klipspringer, waterbuck, hippo, Serval, civiet, spotted Genet, porcupine
    My favorite African trophies:
    Cape Buffalo
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    450/400 NE Double, 9.3x74R Double
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    • Rifle
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    • Muzzleloader
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    Metal and woodworking
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