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Bruce Evans

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Dec 1, 2017
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Kabul Afghanistan
USA. Panama
Howdy everyone. I grew up in the USA hunting whitetail deer to rabbits. Growing up I watched the hunting shows about Africa and read the articles in outdoor magazines. I am hoping to go hunting in Africa one day. Stay safe everyone. Bruce Out.
Hello and welcome! Hope you can get to Africa soon!
Welcome to AH Bruce! Enjoy exploring the site.
Welcome to AH sir!
Welcome sir!
Hi Bruce, welcome to AH !
Welcome to AH. What are you doing in Afghanistan, or shouldn't I ask? Stay safe while there. Hunting Africa is an experience that will never be forgotten, regardless of how many safaris you are able to put under your belt. For the time being, you may just be able to read about the experiences of others. Do so and enjoy, but learn from them as well. Hopefully one day you will be hunting Africa.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I am currently working in Afghanistan training the Afghan National Army. I went to the Horn of Africa when I was in the Army. I hope to go back on a hunting trip next time. My son was recently selected to attend a Wounded Warrior Hunt in South Africa next year. Needless to say, that has renewed my interest in the Dark Continent. I will be seeking advice and opinions and trying to learn from you that have the knowledge. Thanks again for allowing me to join.

Good Luck with the ANA, they aren't a bad bunch, way more useful than the ANP ....IMHO.
I used my spare time in the box to plan my buff hunt with my son, enjoy the process.

Welcome to AH!
Bruce, just read AH for a while. If there is a particular question you have, try doing a search on it. AH keeps almost everything that has been written. If you still can't find your answer simply ask. Providing your question is related to traveling to or hunting in Africa you will get a reply, more than likely several of them.
Welcome aboard Bruce. I hope your son has the time of his lfe in SA next year! Will you be going with him?

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Sir ,is that picture of you packing the shoshone river trail thru buffalo pass? Im trying to get a plan togather for a ride. do you pack professionally or for pleasure. thanks
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Forgive me if this is the incorrect area, I signed up to this forum just now because I wanted to be on the list to purchase a copy of your autobiography. Please feel free to pass my information along to whomever is selling. Thank you so much. I look forward to it!
I like the Tillie in my picture. They are supposed to fit loose (2 fingers inside hat band), have mesh for cooling, and hold their shape after washing.
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From one newbie to another, Welcome aboard!