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  • Jaco any thoughts on the 375 Ruger? Thanks Brad by the way I hope this finds you and your girls well. About 90 days till I get to the EC and hunt with Marius Holy smokes I'm excited!!!
    Brad great caliber buy it! Enjoy your hunt with Marius my friend.
    Just starting to look into hunting SA for 2016, was hoping I could pick your brain. what's the best way to communicate? phone email?
    My mail is
    Or send me your number it's a bit more personal.. :)

    Will you be in Vegas for SCI - if so would like to pick your brain about leopard hunting.

    Most definitely will be there, I have two booth locations, one under TREK INTERNATIONAL SAFARIS. And the other under Kwalata wilderness.
    It would be great to meet and visit with you.

    I will forward my US number as well.
    My best always
    Been a while since I had the opportunity to spend time with the AH family, I will be checking in on a regular basis and keep informed :)
    "Hunting and fishing makes us participants in nature instead of spectators,....... A crucial distinction because participants tend to become passionate and protective where as spectators tend to become indifferent..............."

    Jerry Dennis 1989
    Starting a Buff, elle, Roan and plains game safari with 13 year old Colton Clark in the morning will keep all updated, as this is something special!!!!!!

    Happy hunting.
    Hello. I am writing you to inquire about the postings you have made regarding the issues you encountered while doing "business" with Jay Rodriguez, and whether or not the problem(s) have been rectified?
    Hi guys will be starting a Leopard hunt soon will post a full story on the hunt as well as some good pictures, in 7 days of prebaiting I have had 2 males hit of which both has returned, I have the trail cams up and will see what we are going to do..

    Have a wonderfull day!

    My best always
    I posted a contact for 460 ammo on the forum but it has dissappeared.
    Try Gavin Leach, Hillcrest gun shop KZN, 0837765771
    he had some factory ammo.
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Gerry Addison wrote on's profile.
I would like to delete my last post on the the thread where to hunt big cape buffalo. I haven't been to that area for a few years and it may be very different now. Not fair of me to post this.
Montana hunter and avid sportsman.
Inline6 wrote on Chris Sells's profile.
PM me when you get a chance, have a few questions for you.
steve white wrote on Pheroze's profile.
Pheroze: I was intrigued by the blog on 400, 465 H&H in which you stated you were having a rifle reamed out to accomodate the larger bore. Who is doing the work for you, do they then provide cut rifling or buttoned. Will a 375 H&H rechamber to the 400 H&H. Is there much ballistic difference between it and the 404/375
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