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  • I am going to hunt with a bow only this time and I will focus on walk and stalk hunting and I will have 12 hunting days.
    The animals that will be my main targets during that hunt will be Kudu, Red Hartebeest, Bushbuck, Blesbok and Impala.
    But I will also be ready for Steenbok, Duiker, Warthog and maybe Blue- and Black Wildebeest cows.
    It depends on how my hunt goes and how I am with money at that time :)
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hunt 65 wrote on James Adamson's profile.
what is the asking price for gun and ammo?? thanks.
Gerry Addison wrote on's profile.
I would like to delete my last post on the the thread where to hunt big cape buffalo. I haven't been to that area for a few years and it may be very different now. Not fair of me to post this.
Montana hunter and avid sportsman.
Inline6 wrote on Chris Sells's profile.
PM me when you get a chance, have a few questions for you.
steve white wrote on Pheroze's profile.
Pheroze: I was intrigued by the blog on 400, 465 H&H in which you stated you were having a rifle reamed out to accomodate the larger bore. Who is doing the work for you, do they then provide cut rifling or buttoned. Will a 375 H&H rechamber to the 400 H&H. Is there much ballistic difference between it and the 404/375