SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Father & Son Hunt June 1- June 12


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May 23, 2013
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Well...Where do I begin? How about from the start. Two years ago my Dad and I decided it would be nice to hunt the Dark Continent. After a lot, and I mean a lot of research and investigating and traveling to sportsman shows, jumping through governmental bullshit hoops for exporting firearms and ammo, trying to find reloading components, trying to find ammo, buying, stealing and begging and borrowing what we could, a plan emerged. Not always the right plan; but a plan nonetheless. I will not go into detail about tickets, suppressors, money wiring, dip and pack or taxidermy. I could, but I won't.

Let's start back in October 2014. Dad comes to visit me and work up a good load for my .338 Win Mag. After realizing we didn't have what we needed, as usual, I had to buy a new press. Great. Fast forward. Load dialed in, check. Clothes bought, check. Tickets purchased, check. Immunizations, check. Hunt paid for, check. Now the waiting game begins.

Dad landed in CT two days before we are to depart to get somewhat acclimated and double check everything. We packed for two days and brought too much stuff. Way too much. Dad will say it is my fault, but don't believe him. Marius can vouch for me. We pack our bags as close to 50 lbs. as one could and hire a car service to JFK.

May 29. We make it to the airport without incident. For those of you who don't know...when Dad and I travel together, things get messed up really messed up. I have done everything in my power, even praying, that things go smooth. Something we are not accustomed to.

So far so good. Haven't forgotten anything that we can remember, yet. Customs was uneventful, actually nice. Go upstairs, check bags and guns and wait for Port Authority Police. Uneventful. I must add that I am also a LEO, which may have helped out. Next stop TSA...I'll leave my impression of them alone. They did manage to measure his field gun kit tools, which have to be under 7 inches, if you must know. He forgets to declare his pacemaker. He can't figure out why he is alarming through the detector!? Good ol' Dad. Minor hiccup.

The plane is big. No complaints other than the fact that there is no where to put all this SHIT we brought! Lunch and drinks. Time for a movie and a nap.

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Just left KMG yesterday, looking forward to the rest of your report!
Looking forward to your report doc!
Now I know who to blame for any lack of game I encounter. I do not care about the weather or the moon phase, it will all be your fault. :)

Always fun traveling with the family. .....

Awaiting another good tale.
Sorry guys. I had computer issues and now I traveling for a couple of days. I will get more good info to you. Patience. You can't rush a good story.....
@gutterdoc you must have had an unforgettable experience, looking forward in hearing how your trip went and what trophies you collected! Travel safe bud, and take your time on preparing that hunting report and pictures!
Looking forward to the rest of the report. Bruce
Hunting with KMG in May 2016. I had to laugh about packing to much my first Safari was Namibia 09 and I too over packed. Saw your pics on Facebook looks like you had a great hunt!!
This is the bluegoose, gutterdoc's dad. Keeping a close eye on this story to make sure it's as I remember it. Should be a good one. Had a great time!

Welcome to AH. Look forward to your input.
May 30. Flight was OK. Hot. Got no sleep, none. Arrive JNB and get met by an official looking guy right on the jet-way. He says he is from RiflePermits and he is there to help us get our guns and ammo. Wow, this is great service. Wrong answer. The short story is that I was swindled out of $20. The scary thing is, he was a member/worker of the airport. He knew my name and flight info. What the hell? Only thing I can come up with is he looked at the sign card being held by the real RiflePermits representative(which has my name on it), saw that this was the only flight coming in to JNB, went through security(because he can), and proceeded to act out his con. I reported him to the real security people. They were appalled but not overly surprised at his creativity. RiflePermits representative was extremely helpful and very courteous and professional. She went above and beyond her duties. Thank you. No, they did not reduce their fee. Oh well I'll just put it on Dad's tab. Finally get bags, guns, clear customs recheck bags, back through security...............Dad's tools. Well this time they get confiscated. I plead and assure them we won't dismantle the plane in flight. No go. She says they must be checked. Yeah right. Like we are going to go through that nut roll again. No fight. Thrown away. Minor hiccup. Arrive Port Elizabeth with all the bags and guns and ammo, everything. This is good.

We meet Marius and Kim outside the security area. We have met before in Raleigh at a sportsman's show and have exchanged 6 million emails. I have a pretty good idea on the character of the guy. It might change later, but for now he is as stand up as they come. They take us to the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino. We decided to come two days early to acclimate and shop before the hunt. Our room is opulent and plush. Beautiful views overlooking the Indian Ocean. We unpack and Marius and Kim take us out to eat later that night. My first experience with monkey gland and peri peri sauce. Try them for yourself. Amarula and cream, yum. Steak dinner. Back to the hotel for much needed sleep. we have been up for almost 48 hours.

May 31. Slept like a dead man. Still woke up on US time. Off for an early start to hit the marketplace and a local art and craft show on King's Beach. There are trinkets abound. Just make the right deal. I feel right at home having grown up in the desert southwest and frequenting Nogales often. This place is just the same. I had zero problems haggling for what I believed to be a better deal. We got some very nice things. Back to the room to examine our spoils. We take Marius and Kim out for drinks and dinner, they just have to choose the place. I have no freakin' idea where anything is. I did see a KFC, probably not a good idea. Dinner was unremarkable. Probably because we are getting anxious to start hunting. we tried our luck at the casino. What a JOKE. We spent $20. Go to Vegas, don't waste your time. Really. Back to pack for the move to the hunting concession tomorrow.
Nice digs.
Keep it coming.
I walked out of that casino with enough winnings to pay another trophy fee - but it was after my hunt... LOL
This is the bluegoose, gutterdoc's dad. Keeping a close eye on this story to make sure it's as I remember it. Should be a good one. Had a great time!
Welcome to a great community Bluegoose! Looking forward to your side of this report:whistle:!

Bring on the hunting part!:A Bravo:

Nice place to stay and get acclimated. Bruce
Thats not an old penthouse magazine on the coffee table is it ???

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