Good morning from Montana Hunter living in Houston, Tx.


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Sep 20, 2014
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Good Morning All,
I just joined AH after hearing a lot of good things about your forums and the outfitters.
I relocated to Houston a year and a half ago due to work. originally from north western Montana, moved to New Mexico in 98. Made my first trip to SA in 10 and cant wait to go back. I try to spend as much time afield as possible and frequently hunt the West and Mexico.
Well there is my introduction, hope you all have a great day and keep your powder dry!
Welcome to AH Bullthrower338! Glad to have you with us and nice to know that AH has a good reputation! :)
Welcome to the forums, Houston is a great town if you can stand the heat, the mosquitoes and the traffic
Welcome to AH..


You'll love it here! Enjoy!!!
Welcome to AH, Bullthrower338!
Welcome to AH! If you have time to come up to Dallas for the DSC convention, we will be having our annual AH dinner on the Saturday night of the show. We are a pretty easy crowd to get along with and its very informal.

The details are under the Get Togethers tab.
Welcome! Glad to have you aboard.
Welcome and enjoy AH bullthrower,enjoy the site
Welcome to Africahunting Bullthrower338, sure there will be less mosquitoes but more traffic on this site than in Houston! (P)

Chime in on conversations, and maybe share some of your last hunting pictures in South Africa? If you have any questions about hunting in Africa, this is the place to be!

Warm regards,
Welcome to AH, Bullthrower338 !
Thank all of you for the warm welcome, hope to get to know all of you better, maybe we will meet around a fire in the future.
Good luck and good Hunting!
Houston is a better place to be from than in ... although we generally had a mild summer this year.
Houston is a better place to be from than in ... although we generally had a mild summer this year.
Yeah, wasn't that bad of a summer, but it is a kinda miserable place to exist! I bought a place out east of town where I can at least get some .416 relief when the stress gets to high! Lol
Welcome to AH Bullthrower338! Feel free to post some pics of the animals you've taken.

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