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  • Hello D'zulu
    I think I seen you on GS too and been meaning to exchange greetings about the 300H&H.
    I pushing the 200g Nosler with 67g of S385 which is max according to book.
    On the 180g SST I am at 64.5g S365.
    Max is 65g but I couldn't replicate the group nor did I get to 3,000fps I only managed 2,968fps.
    Anyway if you happy to let's stay in touch
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Tom Leoni wrote on Nyati67's profile.
Nyatyi, what's the tube dia. on your S&B?
Brian wrote on CM McKenzie's profile.
That is nice work! I would like that cartridge slide for 50-110 Win. I would also use it for 500 S&W. Six cartridge loops would be perfect for me.

I will send you payment immediately.

Thank you,
Akunasek wrote on Jager Waffen74's profile.
do you still have the Ithaca 10 ga semi auto?
kdenn wrote on TROPHY SHIPPERS's profile.
Afternoon, going to South Africa August 22 hunting with wife. will need your help with trophies. what information and how soon do you need it? went to the website and completed the form but seems i have negative energy or something with electronic communication often.
thanks for your help
ken dennison
Docpk wrote on Jager Waffen74's profile.
I would but the Swarovski scope