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Mar 1, 2018
    1. cpbfilms
      Dear Monish,

      I am contacting you concerning a picture of Baron Bror Blixen at his desk that you published on the website. I am looking for this picture in hight definition. I need to use it in a documentary on Karen Blixen. Do you where I could find this picture in HD ? Do you have other pictures of the Baron ? We are interested to use also
      Thank you very much for your answer.
    2. Amanda Kelly Smuts
      Amanda Kelly Smuts
      Hi Monish, I saw your book review on my great Uncle Paul Grobler. (African Epic) Do you have any recent information about him, is he still alive, do you know?
    3. dsimon
      Hello Monish
      Long time since we talked. Hows life with you?
    4. Gert Odendaal
      Gert Odendaal
      Hallo Monish
      I saw you have a book, Heat, Thirst, & Ivory by Fred Everette, I am on the lookout for such a book. Any suggestions where I can get hold of the book?
    5. bebo
      Hello Monish,
      What's the .470 JR ?
      What are the main difference with the .470 NE ?
    6. SAFalconer
      Hi Monish I have read with great interest your articles on hunting with Caracal and Cheetah. I was wondering if you had more information on these subjects as I am very interested in learning more about it. Thanks in advance. SAFalconer.
    7. sondhi470
      HI Monish am finally planning a trip to Africa and ideally would like to shoot a good sized cape, lord derby eland and lots of wing shooting if possible? Any suggestions on the places where the best trophies are available and hard working hunting outfits are requested.....and I picked up a 375 h&h royal double along the way so am now itching to go!!
    8. Mir Babu
      Mir Babu
      Assante bwana (thank you sir). I am new to this site and will take some time to get used to it. Jambo
    9. Ibexhunter
      Hi Monish!

      How are You!
      I have a very good hunt last year!
      You are wellcom!

    10. BLiebenberg
      Good Morning Monish
      How are you? Are you ready for your safari next year my friend.

    11. BLiebenberg
      Hi Monish
      Just a call did you get my last mail.

      Hunting Greetings
    12. CJHuntDVD
      Hello Monish
      How you doing? Is everything ok on your side?
    13. DUGABOY1
      Monish, sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, I just noticed your post! I seldom come on this website, and frankly I find it hard to navagate this website. I hope this gets to you as I'm not sure this is the way to answer your question about the DRSS.

      All you have to do to become a member of the DRSS is to have an interest in double rifles, and put the DRSS in your signature line everyplace where you post. There are no fees or requirements except to act as a gentlemen when posting as a member of this DRSS brotherhood.

      You can click on the website at Double Rifle Shooters Society and then click on Becoming a member. The website is run by Paul Hawk, and is a work in progress, but is behind because Paul lost his wife to cancer a while back, and has lost interest in the website.

      Good hunting, and welcome to the DRSS!
    14. andriesdeklerk
      Let me know if you think of selling it. Or better yet come and hunt with it if you decide to join me for a hunt in the Freestate.
    15. andriesdeklerk
      Now to safe up for a 470NE Double with ejectors!
    16. andriesdeklerk
      In my gallery. Click on my profile and go to my fotos. Its the last entry.
    17. andriesdeklerk
      Hi Monish
      Posted a foto of my Sabi rifles, if you like then check it out.
      Cheers Andries
    18. visu14in
      Dear Big Brother,

      Now i am a reputed member of this site,kindly share all your experienced which you got to hunt, share me.I think to buy a automatic rifle.Plz suggest.
    19. andriesdeklerk
      I must have the dates wrong. I stick to reading only one book by an author on African hunting. Was truly disappointed with Ruark's book on 'Use enough gun' which was the same as 'Horn of the hunter'! I am looking forward to more of your articles!
    20. andriesdeklerk
      If I am not mistaken TR's book on his African Safari has a summary in the back of all the animals that was taken on safari. Here there are a reference to Kermit shooting 3 elephant, also and limited to the fact that is has not much merit is Wilbur Smiths book assegai that also refers to Kermit 3 elephant. But Wilbur unfortunately turns nonfiction into bull**** fiction. Still he must have had some kind of reference to be able to conger this up. Last mentioned has me wondering on the size on this elephant for TR seems to propagate only his own feats and rarely refers to Kermit’s. I can only think of one which was the fact that he said how successful Kermit was on cheetah. Thanks for shedding some light and I would appreciate if you can confirm what I just mentioned, for I am not with my beloved book at this time. Thanks again for your timely response
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    I am a:
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    Number of times I have hunted in Africa:
    My favorite African country:
    Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa
    Tanzania, Nepal, Canada,
    Species I have hunted in Africa:
    Plains game, Leopard, Cape Buffalo
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    none remarkable as yet
    My favorite African trophies:
    Cape Buffalo, Leopard
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    .375 H&H Magnum by Weatherby
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    • Rifle
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    Swarovski, weatherby optics , binocs by nikon
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    .375 H&H Mag. by Weatherby,buck 110 knife
    My best hunting tip:
    never drink and hunt & respect the sport of hunting
    My other interests:
    Riding,polo, trap shooting ,rifle target shooting , trekking & wildlife
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