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+1, we used Lori's service on our trip this summer, kept in touch with us long after we purchased our tickets and EMailed us to ensure we were aware of flight changes.
Thanks Cliffy & adgunner - I really appreciate the kudos and support - word of mouth is awesome advertisement :)
NEW AGENT INTRO: I'm proud to introduce my daughter-in-law and travel agent, Jennifer Ginn, who has been working with me for the past two years. She's doing a great job taking some of the load off of my shoulders. Not any photos of her in Africa yet . . . but tentative plans for her first trip with us in 2015! Now you can put a face to the voice and emails if you've spoken to her or worked with her on your booking. She's also worked the SCI Convention booth with me for three years now. Thanks for your hard work, Jennifer - welcome aboard!

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Welcome to AH Jennifer! We're happy to have you here.
Welcome Jennifer!

Nice speaking with you earlier today.

Hope you get to Africa with Lori and the gang in 2015.

It will change your life forever. :)
Hey Lori are you avalible for Canadian travellers,or can you recommend a Canadian agent
I've used Lori's help for my last two trips, she's great.
Hi Hamy ~ Yes, I do flights for Canadians as well. Feel free to contact me on email with any questions you might have - team@travelexpressagency.com.
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I have used Lori for my 2011 and 2013 safaris and she provided excellent service for my friend and I. We will be using her services again for our 2015 safari as well. For me, I will not use any other travel expert for my hunting travel arrangements. Thanks again Lori.
Thanks all for the support and referrals . . .
Lori was a huge help to me on a couple of safaris in Botswana, and Jennifer was able to assist me quite well once during Lori's absence while she was in Namibia doing some hunting herself.

I have full confidence in Travel Express and I am hoping to need their services again very soon!
Thanks jeffpg for your vote of confidence in us - it's time you get another safari lined up!
Another +1 for Lori. My daughter and I used her for our SA trip in 2013 and she was a great help. Had a "small" problem like lost plane reservations and called her at 9PM about it. She went back to her office and got them fixed quickly so we were able to leave on the first leg of our trip.
Not sure we could have done that with someone else. Have to really thank her for that and all the other flights etc. She also saved us $250 each by having us leave Africa one day later. Was going to get a motel(with her help) but the PH said just stay another day (for free) and we hunted taking several more free animals. Cannot beat that!!

Thank You Lori for helping make the trip fantastic. Did not even mind the 22 hour flight
Thanks jeffpg for your vote of confidence in us - it's time you get another safari lined up!

I'm workin' on it Lori, and when my plans are finalized you'll be the first to know!
I'd like to scoop up one of these killer DG hunt deals.
Maybe I'll catch a break and latch onto one soon.
Hi Lori. Do you work with Booking Agents?
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Another Atta Girl for Lori and Travel Express!!! I will be coming home for leave in July from Kosovo, where I have worked off and on for the past 17-18 years. I have made many many trips in that time. Since I have had a computer, I have always booked the tickets myself. For some reason, this time it wouldn't work. I booked 4 times through the United web site, and within about 12 hours I received notification that the flight could not be booked, please call this 1 800 number to re-book. I did. The fourth time I received this email, I decided to call Lori, whom I have never met, but know her from the AH forum. She booked a ticket for me within about 2 hours, and I received the official "stuff" within about 24 hours. Thanks to her my stress level has been lowered considerably. By the way when I called those 1 800 numbers, United was in the Philippines, and Austrian Air was in Ukraine. No wonder I couldn't get to the U.S.!!!
Hi Lori. Do you work with Booking Agents?
Hi Rick, yes we have several agents as well as operators throughout southern Africa, Argentina, New Zealand, etc. that refer clients to us. If you'd like to chat then feel free to give me a call at the office and we can discuss any questions you might have. Thanks!
I can't thank Travel Express enough for all the hard work they did and going out of their way to solve some problems that came up (permits) prior to my departure date.
I hate flying and I'm a bit superstitious to boot, I have to sit in a even numbered seat, I have to sit on the left side of the plane by the window,(something I was too embarresed to mention to Lori until now ) but she handled my strange seating requests without a problem,and I hope to use TE in the future.

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