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Feb 14, 2023
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Arizona, USA
So for those in the SW United States I have a. Somewhat specific question. 4 of us are headed to Limpopo in June for our first safari. Looking at PG. all standard stuff, kudu, Bushbuck, Impala, Wildebeest, etc. only importation issues could come from a baboon or warthog possibly but we are planning on having all final taxidermy done by Bullseye in RSA. The question for you all would be who is the best importer and which port should be used to get stuff home to Arizona?

Should have just asked @AZDAVE First probably. Could have saved you all from me starting a new thread.
Exactly what this forum is for, sir. Always happy to help. Sure Dave will chip in after his coffee.. :)
I'm just north of you in Colorado and have used Safari Specialty Importers twice. They charge a little more than others but they have bonded warehouses and the price that you pay them includes storage in their warehouses. If nothing else call Wyatt and talk to him.

For my last crate it came into NY, then flew to Denver where they then trucked my crate to me 120 miles to the west.
Good morning gentlemen half way through a cup of coffee, eyes are open and most of my brain cells are kinda awake. I have used Coppersmith, Safari Specialty Importers, and another company who's name I forgot. The forgotten company cleared stuff in atlanta and I wound up with a bigger storage charge than the US side of the shipping cost. Maybe that is why I purged them from memory.

Coppersmith did a good just and cleared things in LA and the shipping was less than It would have cost me to drive out to LA with gas and hotel. That was for the 2013 safari so prices have most likely changed a fair bit.

I have used SSI for 2015, 2018, 2021, and 2022 trips. I have been impressed with their service. Their costs are a bit higher but worth every penny in my opinion. They build days into the storage at their warehouse. They clear in NY. the ground shipping on the US side has been reasonable as any coming from east of the Mississippi.

Send me a PM with a phone number and I will be happy to give you a call and answer any question you might have.

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