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Mar 15, 2013
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Howdy everyone!!

I should have introduced myself here first, but I jumped onto one of the sub forums first.

I found this forum while searching for information on hunting in Africa (obviously). I will go going on my first safari in June or July of 2014 and plan on hunting plains game in the Limpopo area of South Africa. I'm exceptionally excited about this trip and am thankful that I found this group. I have been brousing the posts and have already had a bunch of my questions answered. More importantly my brousing has brought up alot of questions that I didn't even know to ask.

I am looking forward to getting to know yall and picking your brains in preparation for my trip.

God Bless!!

Welcome Rusty. Where are you from in Tx. I have a son in Houston. Have you picked an outfitter yet If so Let us know who it is and what you expect to hunt. Lots of willing folks here to help you on that first safari. You have no idea what you are in for :)
Welcome to the forum Rusty it is good to have you on board!

Have fun while planning this trip it is all part of the experiance.

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Rusty, keep reading you'll have more and more questions to ask.

Good luck and Welcome to AH.
Rusty... Welcome once again hope you'll have a great safari and look forward to your participation....

My best always.
Hi Rusty

Welcome to the site you will find this space very helpfull, couldn't have joined a better site to help you plan a South African hunting trip.

Best Regards
Hi,you are going to enjoy hunting the Limpopo province!
Welcome Tex... :beer:
welcome and enjoy the site BTM
hunting africa is alot like sex ,instant addiction .
what do you hunt in texas mate ?
will you bow hunt over there or riffle ?
Welcome to AH Rusty! Glad you joined us if you have any questions feel free to ask and one of the great members will try to answer it for you. Enjoy the site and your going to love Africa.
Welcome to AH Rusty. I'm in Hempstead, TX. What part of the "Best state in the Union" are you located?
Thanks for the welcome everyone!

I will be hunting with Africa Sport Hunting Safaris for plains game. I'm going to try and stretch my budget as much as possible and hope to take impala, warthog, blesbuck, bushbuck, and possibly zebra. I plan on using a 338 Win Mag with Barnes bullets for my hunt.

Cliffy - I am from Odessa on the opposite side of Texas from Houston.

Bluey - Here in Texas I hunt white-tail deer, mule deer, feral hogs, dove, and quail. I plan on rifle hunting, but have thought about taking my scoped 44 mag.

Buff-Buster - Odessa, way on the other side of the state from you. But you are correct, and Texas is the GREATEST state in the union!!

Thanks again everyone. I'm excited beyond words!
Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome to the forum. I was down by Lubock hunting free range aoudad sheep and ferel pigs a few weeks ago. I am from Kansas
lwaters - I was quail hunting south of Odessa about 10 years ago with my children (6 and 8 at the time) when I heard something walking nearby. I saw 2 big animals about 25 yds away that I didn't recognize. It turned out they were aoudads. From my description the ranch owner later told me they would have been dandy trophies. It was great just seeing them.
For anyone interested I am back from my safari. It was INCREDIBLE!!! It took 6 animals and had a run in with a black mamba. My PH and I both had a hand is dispatching the mamba. It makes a good story now, but was pretty intense at the time. I posted a new thread under hunting reports. So far I only have the first day of hunting written up, but plan to keep adding to it as I have the time. Thanks again for all the encouragement when I first joined here.
Welcome to AH Rusty!
Hi Rusty

Welcome to the Family :)

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