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  • I read your post on the Model 70, and am interested in how you liked 350 grain bullets in your .375 H & H. I've been working up loads for mine in 350 grain TSX. My rifle shoots very well with 300 grain bullets, but I am going on a cape buffalo hunt in June, and am torn between which bullet to use. Both are accurate.

    Daga Boy
    The general rule on buffalo is to use the heaviest bullet that gives acceptable V and accuracy in your rifle. Bear in mind that you generally don't need (and actually don't want) very high velocities for this application. Anything above 2300fps will do fine.
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eballo wrote on doubleboy's profile.
Is the Parker still for sale?
hunt 65 wrote on Bullthrower338's profile.
You ever sell the Hyme 458 Lott?
Bob Nelson 35Whelen wrote on jwp475's profile.
If you need help with your Whelen loads please PM me
xausa wrote on Challer's profile.
I don't know where you're located, but I'd be happy to let you try out my Krieghoff. I'm located in West Tennessee and the local gun club has a skeet layout and is located not far from my farm. We're about five miles from the Kentucky state line and about 100 miles west of Nashville.
I just joined today, I live in Louisiana. I joined mostly because of all of the 35 Whelen discussion as I am now very interested In the 35 Whelen. I have an 1885 Highwall that J.E.S.S. rebored to 35 Whelen

Also own 338s 375 and both a 416 rem and Rigby