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  • I read your post on the Model 70, and am interested in how you liked 350 grain bullets in your .375 H & H. I've been working up loads for mine in 350 grain TSX. My rifle shoots very well with 300 grain bullets, but I am going on a cape buffalo hunt in June, and am torn between which bullet to use. Both are accurate.

    Daga Boy
    The general rule on buffalo is to use the heaviest bullet that gives acceptable V and accuracy in your rifle. Bear in mind that you generally don't need (and actually don't want) very high velocities for this application. Anything above 2300fps will do fine.
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Just came from a hunt and already longing for the bush
JPmbogo wrote on yhc's profile.
I have factory loaded Hornady 450 NE 3 1/4 DGS that I am selling for not much more than the brass itself at $75/box - see my listing for same.
Justbryan wrote on Rafter JK's profile.
Get Crazy Larry yet? Wishing I had shot Alpine Ibex too!
laurence burkin wrote on UKHunter's profile.
Hi the dude in the picture. It would be cool to know the area (genetics) of the stag you have in your profile picture. I am from New Zealand and shot a stag here that is almost identical, especially the throw backs. I can send you a photo to prove I'm genuine with my enquiry.