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  • Over did my 420 Character limit. I live out in Unalaska but pass through Anchorage fairly often would be great to grab a beer and swap stories sometime.
    Hello, You replied to my scope recommendation a while back and you recommended 400 gr swift A-frames in a 458 lott. As a big fan of the A-Frames already
    I decided to take your advice and was curious if you had any load data for them or if you bought factory rounds from swift.
    Velo Dog, I just saw that you are in AK. I was in Fairbanks from 00-03 and Kenai from 03-07. I'm sorry we did not connect up there!
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    Velo Dog
    Velo Dog
    Yes, would've been fun do meet up and discuss hunting, fishing, guns and gear.
    Where do you live now ?
    We moved from Kenai to Alabama in 2006/7. I was running the nitrogen complex in North Kenai and the company transferred me to a new role in Bama. I wasn't financially ready to retire or I would have turned them down flat. We loved living in Alaska. Prior to Alaska we lived in Wyoming for 9 years so I've been a little spoiled.
    I spent most of my money on proper rifles and big game hunting, the rest I just wasted.
    Hi Velo, I am thinking about a non trophy ele hunt in Namibia. Do you have any outfitter recommendations? Thanks Ado
    Velo Dog
    Velo Dog
    Hi Ado,
    I will research my past emails, as I recall an outfit that was offering what seemed like a good elephant deal in The Caprivi awhile back.
    When I find it I will send you their contact info.
    Paul Dog
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    I know you like the Hornady 220gr RN in 30 cal. Midway has some blems on their site for 20 cents apiece!

    Better go get some buddy!

    Velo Dog
    Velo Dog
    Thanks Tim.
    I really appreciate this and will bag a supply for them for my PH friend who plans to be here in a few days.
    He will no doubt be very happy to bring them back to his place for culling and his personal "shooting for biltong".
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    Excellent! A man cannot have too many bullets!
    Hi Velo dog, only had a look at the site this evening.
    Sorry I did not send you a PM, most definitely. I had to look around to find you in the members list to PM you.
    I only turn 60 in September so senility isn't in it. :)

    Cheers for now.
    Velo Dog
    Velo Dog
    No worries.
    I always enjoy your posts.
    Us older guys have to stick together (I am 61)
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I have a pile of never fired .35 Rem brass if you are interested. What quantity are you looking for?

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Hi Rob

Trust you are well,
It would be great if I could quote on a safari for you guys.

Please let me know if you are intereted to hunt with Game 4 Africa Safaris. We have many reviews and hunting reports on this forum if you would like to check us out.

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Hey Cal. Would you consider $950 for the Win. Thanks.
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For me, last August, the people in the JNB wanted to see a paper document.
What covid passport app is best to use? U.s.a to Johannesburg?