What do you all think this bear?

Dating myself here…. But perhaps…

“Mamma Cass”…

I find it peculiar that she reproduced with all of her bandmates LOL
For those in the habit of naming game that is captured on trail cams.. I think that guy is now officially "Fat Bastard"..

Holy hell that is one round bear!

Himmm well we couldn’t name her “Bud lite” (What to soon:LOL:)
Definitely looks more like a “FatCoke” kind of girl!
Maybe in the name department “Gurtbucket”(y)
All I see is a nice rug, then Y'all start talking about eating it again.
I've asked about this but still never looked at them as an eating species.
Congratulations on taking down this Fatty Pumba.
My guess would be that she's pregnant and will be giving birth this upcoming January. This would account for round belly and the binge eating/weight gain that so often accompanies it.

425 lbs currently but will slim down to 400 afterwards when she tries to get her figure back.
Skull might score decent, but not huge, and based on the skull I would say a sow as well
When you have a perfect triangle from ear to ear to nose, that is a big skull, but this one is long in the face

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