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  • Say, I was looking at TFF this evening and noticed a series of posts from JustinO regarding a rather nice inherited M1903.

    I have some information I d like to have shared with him but was booted off of TFF for life by some thin skinned moderator a year or so ago:

    Would you be willing to post the information / images to TFF (not the one above, though) for JustinO to see if I forward them to you in another PM?


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geoff rath wrote on Bob Nelson 35Whelen's profile.
G'day Bob,
Just had a yarn with A G, and he has filled me in on how much work he puts in to such developments, referencing QuikLoad, tightening tolerances, load development, range testing. He indicated that of you wish to contact him directly he can go into details far better than I.
If you wish , contact him directly, he has given the OK for me to pass that on.
Hunt: Alaska, Canada, Mexico and USA: particularly the Western states.
Going through and old thread I see you mentioned having a William Douglas double in 470NE for sale. Just touching base to see if you sold the rifle, or if it was still for sale?
(Wollongong, NSW)
Hi Chris
Yes, I still have it
Erin Lockwood wrote on Laurine88's profile.
Hi again do you think you could message me your email or some other way to contact you, I've been having error messages trying to send messages via private conversations to you since last night, sorry!