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  • Say, I was looking at TFF this evening and noticed a series of posts from JustinO regarding a rather nice inherited M1903.

    I have some information I d like to have shared with him but was booted off of TFF for life by some thin skinned moderator a year or so ago:

    Would you be willing to post the information / images to TFF (not the one above, though) for JustinO to see if I forward them to you in another PM?


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Because of some clients having to move their dates I have 2 prime time slots open if anyone is interested to do a hunt
5-15 May
or 5-15 June is open!
shoot me a message for a good deal!
dogcat1 wrote on skydiver386's profile.
I would be interested in it if you pass. Please send me the info on the gun shop if you do not buy it. I have the needed ammo and brass.
Francois R wrote on Lance Hopper's profile.
Hi Lance hope you well. The 10.75 x 68 did you purchase it in the end ? if so are you prepared to part with it ? rgs Francois