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  • Say, I was looking at TFF this evening and noticed a series of posts from JustinO regarding a rather nice inherited M1903.

    I have some information I d like to have shared with him but was booted off of TFF for life by some thin skinned moderator a year or so ago:

    Would you be willing to post the information / images to TFF (not the one above, though) for JustinO to see if I forward them to you in another PM?


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I have a cancelation leopard hunt available for May 2023 10 to 25 May, 16 days, 14 hunting days.
john corry wrote on Rolf Risnes's profile.
Hi, is your lovely westley for sale? Thanks. John.
my email is [redacted]
1peggy wrote on Don458's profile.
Percision reloading has 5 lb kegs or Reloder 17
Planning is coming together! Just waiting to hear back from a couple outfitters to see what their availability is for this year, if any, and I'll be booking my first African hunt. Fingers crossed I can get one slotted for late August/first couple weeks of September.
rgsiii wrote on Andrew Short's profile.
Hi, I was wondering where you lived. I am near Auburn. Are the loaded Norma AFrames factory ammunition? Thanks, Richard