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Forgot you @Philip Glass my apologies.

You were awesome also!

Still haven't fired that pig, I need to rectify that.....
AH is a great community made up of great people. This is a very incomplete list and I know I am leaving people out. These are individuals I can remember off the top of my head from the last few months who's word is their bond!

@Mark Biggerstaff

Enjoyed doing business with you!
Forgot you @Philip Glass my apologies.

You were awesome also!

Still haven't fired that pig, I need to rectify that.....
Thank you. When I sell something I may not be the fastest shipper. I live on a ranch and have to make a special trip to get something sent but I always get it done!
I have done some business on AH, all transactions have been pleasant. Be it pay it forward or an item for purchase. In recent past some sellers and or buyers have had conflict. I did do business with one of the gentleman in question and had no issue. It was the most expensive rifle I have ever purchased. I would like to offer my dealing with Mr Krish. He has been a gentleman, and the product showed up as described packaged well. No price gouging just the cost passed on that he paid for 500 Jeffrey brass. He had 4 total boxes to sell. I told him I would take two of them, and in a few weeks if he could hold the other two I would take them also. When I contacted him for the second purchase I asked if they were still available and he said yes, he held them for me. I couldn't be happier. I thought maybe we could start a thread on straight shooters so to speak. A reference thread to do alittle more research besides the normal how long has a member been active ect. Either way, thank you Krish, it has been a pleasure. John
Krish is a great guy! I too have done business with him
Maybe I'm just lucky, but I can say unequivocally that I've never had a bad experience when purchasing something from an AH member. Everything has been as advertised and at a price I was willing to pay. My purchases include several rifles, scopes, reloading components and equipment. I wholeheartedly with those that maintain the position that AH members in general are a great group of guys to learn from and or do business with.
If we have done some trading in the past and you are not listed it is not intentional nor does the order of listing have any significance. No worries with these guys.

Tarbe, Kurt Swanson, Bullthrower338, TOBY458,
Edge, Sand Rat, Proneshooter,
KencoArms, Black Fly, 375 Ruger, BnC04,
Wade J VanGinkel, AZDave, Andrew Short, cagkt3,
Scott CWO, TNDave, PARA45, Ray B,
John Harvard, sdalcher, John Camp, Mark Ouellette,
Gert Odendal, Rare Breed, sestoppelman, Bas,
dchamp, Divernhunter, Rookhawk, Shootist43,
I recently sold ammo to both @Chukar and @Inline6. Both of them were easy to work with, paid quickly and communicated well when needed. Enjoy the ammo fellas.
Thank you. When I sell something I may not be the fastest shipper. I live on a ranch and have to make a special trip to get something sent but I always get it done!
It got out fast enough.

You are solid sir!!
@Von Gruff

Your shipping is beyond fantastic.

I get packages from you faster than interstate travel here in the US.
I haven't sold anything on here, because I have nothing anybody would really want and if I did, I couldn't compete with Toby anyways, but I have purchased items from the following members and would not hesitate to buy from them again: One Day x 2, Safarikid, Contender85, JPmbogo, Matt Spisak x 2. I would send any of them a payment for an item with no questions asked!
Ruger .416 purchase from @K-man.

Wasn’t really sure where to post a review for a purchase so I figured this thread would work. But I just want to thank K-man. As far as a seller goes I absolutely give him 5 stars. He was extremely helpful and responsive to any and all questions I had being that this is my first buy from a private seller. Any nervousness of purchase was null because he always got back to me and kept me informed the entire way. The delivery was very fast from when he shipped the rifle (it shipped the day after the payment cleared in his bank) and I would have had the rifle in 3 business days flat had my buddy’s (my FFL) dogs not been outside the first time the postal guy tried to drop the gun off. He picked it up from the post office today and the rifle is in mint condition and exactly what I wanted. The shipping was done very well and he gave me the tracking number the day it went out and he also paid attention to make sure he knew it was delivered. Overall if anyone sees he has anything for sale you can know to buy from him with 100% confidence and you know it will be a smooth transaction!

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I’ve bought and sold with many on AH. I’ve never had an issue with anyone other than chicken farmer. Let’s not let one asswipe jade us. We’ve got a lot of great folks in this group.

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