Poland Hunting Pictures

Well done Witold .
How big are the forests in Poland .
Or do the animals mainly live on farmland ?
Awesome pictures! I can confirm Poland is amazing.

Terrific photos, wonderful game animals and a truly beautiful countryside. You are quite fortunate to have such a fantastic hunting ground in your home country. Thanks for posting.

Shoot straight and good hunting to you!
Well done Witold .
How big are the forests in Poland .
Or do the animals mainly live on farmland ?
29,2% of the territory of my country's forests (9,1 milion hectares ).
Animals lives in the woods and fields.
Hunters have to pay for the damage caused by animals.
hi Witold, Dazhbur
i think thats right
i have hunted in poland a few times and its really great
actually most of european hunting is good and really enjoyable, just so damn cold for us Africans.
I'm really happy that you decide to bring some hunting pictures from your country-at last my friend.
I was waiting for that since years (y)
I miss pictures from a lot of fellows here.
Short examples :
Brickburn -Canada (ok ,somtimes,but not so much,really not much.)
Velo Dog -- lives in Alaska.......what a dream for us and no pics from him :(
Nyati- lives in Spain.A wonderful country.Great in history,great in hunting.-no pics
And and and

I hope for this year to see much more from you all.
Hunting is our life.And to know something about foreign hunting countries is good chance for a better understanding.
Regards from the cold Munic
Wow, great!
I am from Poland and my best memories are hunting with my grandfather in Mazuren.

Darz Bór, piekne zdjecia!
Witold, those pics are most excellent thanks for sharing. I really like the first one and the pic of the stacks of firewood, my kind of morning, the colors are wonderful. You must have a lot of pigs and one is a huge hog.
New hunting pictures from Poland

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Piękne zdjęcia
Witold, that looks like an absolutely GRAND time! Thanks for a little insight into Poland hunting!
Wonderful pictures. Thanks

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