on a lighter note...

I’m sorry, I think you have to go… BRICKBURN!
There is plenty of pork prejudice on this forum. I'd have to eradicate too many members. Leave them to suffer in silence.
What do vegetables have to do with this????

You feed them to the pigs so that they can turn them into bacon, ham, and sausage.
I know I know, it's fuc$ed up to not like ham, sausage, and bacon so I'm told give me a pork chop and I'm happy as hell lol.
Aww jeez I just ordered some hundred grainers for my .243!!!
On a serious note, please don't remove me from the forum, I got my first crate of taxidermy from RSA just a few minutes ago off the freight truck and I'd like to write a thread later about the shipping cost and stuff. Please.
I don’t know, is there a warthog in that crate?
That’s just another nail in the coffin!

Doesn't most everything but lobster tail, well cooked steak and bacon taste like chicken?


Is it we just tell people that are afraid to try a different meat; "It's good. Taste like chicken.", just so they will eat it(?):

It's been said turtle has seven different types of meat, yet all seven types; Taste like chicken.

Frog legs; Taste like chicken.

Pigeon; Taste like chicken.

Thereby I suggest we give R.M.C. a pass/freebie for liking chicken. Hhmmm, not liking bacon; or the smell of bacon...hhmmm...must be burnt bacon....as I agree, I too like neither the taste nor smell.
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