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Mar 18, 2012
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United States-but I am always optimistic!
Greetings from Middle America! I have joined on the recomendation of a frend... I am a gun builder (OLD guns-ie. muzzleloaders). I currently have a project on my drawing board, barrels in my basement, and a heap chunk of walnut residing in the bedroom...For a Manton double (flint) shotgun, cape gun, and potential double rifle.

I am here primarily for research...and may be able to contribute in some fashion-the group is considerably deeper than I expected.


Mark Eskra
Howzit! Welcome Mark.
Greetings! Seems to be a happening site... I feel a bit out of place, but checking things out.
Welcome to AH Mark

May you add to the forum...
Mark, whereabouts are you from in mid-america??? 1st off, welcome to the site. Secondly, Always want a gunsmith's input. Third, can't wait to here your hunting report from Africa, not been? You will be.
Welcome Mark, hope you enjoy the site!

My best always.
Welcome to the forum , Mark!
Your knowledge is very welcome here! Hope you enjoy the forum.

Best Regards
Marius Goosen
Welcome to the forum:)
wellcome to AH:rockon:
Hillsboro, Illinois. Maybe I should call myself a gun"kink". I have build a couple, and am working on a couple...I still have all of my fingers! (well, 9.5-kidding!). I have and do dream of it...One day. Or one week...Or one month...
Mark, glad to have you here and you will add to the depth yourself.
You have built more guns than me. Look forward to your input.
Welcome to the forum, Mark !
Welcome to AH, Mark!
Mark, welcome to AH! Always good to have a new gun nut!
Welcome to AH Mark! Feel free to post some pics of the guns you've made always loved the smell of smoke from a smoke pole.
Welcome 'new guy"
Mark, welcome to AH! Always good to have a new gun nut!

Ah HA! Finally a place I am understood....Background on the building affliciton-see, I really like eating wild game. Since the most entertaining and satisfying way to get to that point, I must hunt. In order to hunt, I must well, have a gun (though I have used my Jeep(successfully) in taking deer before, with no damage to the Jeep)...You get the picture. My family is starting to move into the bow hunting arena as I have this whopper split of osage orange I am going to start whittling on...
Welcome to the forum and I am sure you can tell us more about building rifles.
Dear Mark E

Welcome to this Forum. Enjoy participating and sharing your experience and views.

Namibian greetings from Africa.

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