NAMIBIA: My First Plains Game Hunt With Eintracht Jagd Safaris

Nice report and superb trophies, thank you.
Do you have any photos of the landscape/scenery/terrain at Pieter's place? I have tried opening the gallery on his site but no matter what computer I use it keeps coming up as needing additional software to view. I would appreciate seeing the hunting country.
Also, is the hunting free range? Fenced? Partly fenced?

The areas I hunted had just low.or.cattle type.fences. every few hundred meters there were places.dug so.oryx and hartbeest,.warthog could go under, kudu just jumped them. Seen a few hartbeest jump them too when startled.

I did not hunt anywhere within a high fence although Pieter did have a high fenced area with burchell zebra, waterbuck , sable for viewing and perhaps increasing herd numbers, it was a thrill to see these animals but no hunting was done here except for getting rid of a few jackals.
Adrian I did hunt in some fenced areas with Pieter. He hunts as much opened free range as he can but there is some animals that are more behind fence then not over in Namibia. His fenced areas are large as in 10,000 acres or bigger. I am going to hunt his bow only area this year and that is 20,000 acres and more then enough area for me to be ok with fence. Hope that helps.
I like the trophy quality do you have any pictures of the accommodations sound like some one I would be interested in hunting with
The rooms were quite nice, the food was very good. I usually do the cooking at home so was nice having Tony the chef prepare the meals.

As for the trophies Pieter told me he would not let me shoot at something he wouldn't be proud to hang on his own wall.


After we took a bunch of pictures of the Oryx, we loaded it up in the land cruiser , and back to the lodge. Tony the cook was waiting with an ice cold beer for me, much appreciated I will say! A wonderful supper was served then off to bed for me. I was exhausted from the flights and the excitement of the first days hunt.

The second day started with a great breakfast and good coffee. Then onto the Land Cruiser and off we went. Many more Oryx and Hartbeest were seen, more Wildebeest, and guinea foul were everywhere it seemed. I spent a lot of time taking pictures and trying to video some of what i was seeing, truly amazing scenery

My wish list for this hunt was Oryx, Warthog, Hartbeest, Kudu, Mountain Zebra for my wife and a Red Hartbeest.

Pieter said the Kudu would take a bit of work as Rabies has been claiming many of the Kudu in that area. He assured me there were many in the mountains where we would be going after the zebra.

We were seeing many warthogs , but none seemed to get Pieter excited until late in the afternoon. He spotted one a long ways off and the stalk was on, he was excited and man can he walk fast. We must hurry he said, good grief, I am not used to hurrying in above 30 celcius temperatures, but did my best. We got within approx 200 meters of the warthog when I seen it for the first time, the sticks were set up and I tried to steady the reticle on him. I could see his tusks were very nice. The warthog was staring at us, I was a wee bit out of breath and had a hard time getting steady enough. I kept breathing slowly trying to lower my pulse a bit when the warthog suddenly turned his head and I could tell he was going to bolt. I squeezed the trigger , and down he went.

Pieter assured me it was a good shock so we walked to where he lay. I dont know a good warthog from a bad one, but this one seemed very nice to me. View attachment 222326
That's not a good warthog... its a FANTASTIC warthog.... as is the Oryx!!! Well done and good shooting too... looking fwd to the rest of your story.
Nice to see the archery target under the tree cant wait!
Machinistbutler. You should have passed on that pig to let him grow for a few month for me! lol
We seen so many warthogs, some days must have seen a hundred. Man there were some big ones! They even buggered up a couple stalks,,get nice and close an there goes the darn warthog running flat out scaring everything into a dead run. I think I may have cursed them quietly a few times.
There is no shortage of warthog that is for sure. I had more then a few run ins with them on some stalks myself. They do tend to wake you up when you walk in to them. I know my kid plans on taking a few with the bow.
Thanks for sharing the report and the pictures! Beautiful Kudu!
It looks like you had the trip of a lifetime. What a bunch of awesome trophies. And as everyone has said, that is maybe the most beautiful kudu I've seen. Well done!

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you guys so much for the positive comments!

All of the animals I took were special, and the Kudu was spectacular. I was so hoping to get a chance at one and what a beauty he turned out to be! I am sure most people dream of getting a kudu on their first trip.

I was very fortunate to have spotted him and make the shot.

Many thanks again to Pieter Delport for the great hunt. He truly did his best to give me opportunities at great trophies.
Thanks @machinistbutler for sharing such a grand hunt with excellent trophies! I would love to have a chance at a fine warthog like that!
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Thanks for sharing all the pictures, awesome!
Great report! Took some fantastic trophies!! Maybe i missed it but how many day were you with pieter? Im planning a 2020 trip with him now!
The accommodations look first class
I'm not sure how I missed this, but thank you for a great report. You had quite the safari! I must make it to Namibia some day. And Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, etc... LOL! Thank you again for sharing.


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