NAMIBIA: My First Plains Game Hunt With Eintracht Jagd Safaris

There so funny with there zebra tricks. They did the same to me when we were standing like 5 yds from it. They said listen I can hear them over the other side of these crazy mountain then started laughing as I about walked into my dead zebra.
Fricky is a lot of fun to and we had some great laughs there.

I know kudu was you dream animal and boy did you fill that dream in a big way my friend. I thought my hunt with Pieter was tops yours is going as well as mine did.
After the battle.getting the land cruiser to the zebra, and the many hands to help load it. We began the drive back to the lodge. On the way many more kudu ,zebra oryx were spotted. Then a big surprise!

Never thought I would see a real giraffe , wow are they big!!!

We continued on and had a wonderful bbq supper, and I slept well.
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That Kudu looks to an exceptional one. You are having one heck of a hunt. Congrats on some beautiful trophies.
We began our drive back to Pieters in the morning after another nice breakfast. A few stops in Windhoek and we were off.

Once the zebra was unloaded Pieter gets a call that the fish were biting on the coast, he asks if I like to fish. I haven't fished in years but would be up for anything. So he loaded some gear up and we were off to Swakopmund . Was approx a five HR drive, and we arrived quite late.

4 am wake up call.and we were off with his father to a place up the coast. People there love fishing! They found a spot they wanted and began setting up as it began to show some daylight.

They use much bigger rods than I use in Alberta! The cob were biting the day before.and they hoped that day as well, but the water looked too clear Pieter said, but we would try.

As the light grew more I noticed I was in a desert, wow! Not much for plants here that is for sure. Pieters dad explained a l
ot about the area to me,and his dad loves fishing very much.


Pieter called me over, he had a fish on the line and if I would like to reel it in,well of course I would!! Tried my best not to lose it and after a few.minutes we had it,what a thrill for me. A cob fish on the skeleton coast on the edge of the Namib desert!

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Machinistbutler, yours was a great report on a great hunt. The trophies you took speak for themselves. I want to congratulate you on your shooting, it is obvious that you spend more than just a little time at the range.
The hunt for the elusive Kudu was still ongoing. We were still seeing cows and small bulls but not what Pieter wanted to see. His brother Francios had contacted him about a very nice bull he had seen on the previous day so we were off to see if we could locate it.

With only a few hours of daylight left my hopes were still high, if anyone could find it Pieter could. All of a sudden four kudu bulls were in view and my heart lept into my throat. Small bulls he says, what the heck is he talking about , the look huge I thought. He assured me they were too young even though the horns.looked nice so.we.kept searching. We scared up some more kudu cows, a small bull and found a nice bull taken by rabies. It is so sad rabies are.taking so many of those magnificent animals.

We were getting down to the end of.daylight when movement behind where we were caught my eye, I turned a bit and WOW. I am not one to judge a trophy but man this kudu looked big, I tapped Pieter who Immediately set up the sticks, you must shoot it now he said. Good grief I was nervous, the kudu was facing me now at approx 150 meters or.maybe 200 , it looked huge . I steadied the rifle squeezed the trigger. Boom, you missed Pieter said. And the Kudu was off like lightning, I didn't have time to be flustered , i reloaded as I have ever had and kept following it in my scope, I shot again and it went down. Reloaded and looked and it's.head was still up but not trying to get up. Pieter a bit closer and I fired a.finisher into it's neck from 100 meters or so. It went still and I was so relieved.

When we walked up it looked bigger than it did in my scope. My dream Kudu bull was at my feet!! Words can't describe how happy I was and for once I was quite speechless.

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Very nice kudu sir!
The Kudu is awesome and beautifully colored. Need to mount him where you can really see that dark gray hide and bold white stripes. Beautiful animal, congrats.
When we walked up it looked bigger than it did in my scope. My dream Kudu bull was at my feet!! Words can't describe how happy I was and for once I was quite speechless.

That says it all.

congratulations on such fine animals. what a great hunt.

the kudu in the lodge with the wild horn is quite amazing as well.
A great sleep then it was time for breakfast and a stop by some dunes in the Namib desert.


Never thought I would see real Camels!!

We started the long drive back, Pieter stopped at some termite mounds for me to take a pic.


It was 39 celcius along the road,
a bit warm for this Canadian!!

We arrived back at the lodge for a nice sunset.

His wife and sons were at the lodge for the weekend. Such nice people. His son Danie accompanied us on the next days hunt. Some jackals were taken and we did a.stalk on a group of Oryx and I took one with a broken horn. Once again the shot was.good and the oryx dropped instantly.


Thanks for sharing your adventure! Love the dunes and camel pictures.
Great shooting! Loved reading about your hunting adventure in Namibia . that Kudu is something special world class animal in my book. Glad you smacked so many gemsbok fun hunt. I hope to unleash a few arrows
Well done. You will likely never better that kudu or oryx bull. Great that you made it to the Skeleton Coast. So few hunters take the time to visit what is truly one of the world's natural wonders.
Great shooting! Loved reading about your hunting adventure in Namibia . that Kudu is something special world class animal in my book. Glad you smacked so many gemsbok fun hunt. I hope to unleash a few arrows

I think the group of us are going to let a few arrows fly in July for sure. Make sure you have some extra broadheads with in case I run out. Plus I will have some bullets to let fly as well. With the 4 of us we may set a record for Pieter on animals taken in 10 days by hunters. LOL
A great overall experience and some very good trophies congrats !
Great report,a good read. Congratulations on the animals you took. They all look great. I shot a 40” Oryx last year on a management hunt. I agreed to the trophy fee, €435. Sadly we forgot to tell the boys in the slaughter house when we came back. They spilt the skull for the brains,apparently a delicacy !

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