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  • Hello huntermn15... I may take you up on that. I was actually in town last week, for surgery. The next time I plan to be back is in early October, for a follow-up with the doc. Maybe I can treat you to a meal and pick your brain. I know one thing I can ask, that when you have time to answer, would be valuable: who do you travel with (airlines) when you go to Africa?
    hello you must be leaving for africa soon good luck and have a great time. if your looking to take some thing over for a gift the boys could use some darts for the dart board
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My name’s Wyatt Baker. I’m a card-carrying NRA member, an avid outdoorsman, long-time angler, and a big Patrick McManus fan.
Does anyone know where to buy a chamber reamer to convert .458 win to .458 Lott? I hear it is very easy to do—?
Gerry Addison wrote on KKovar's profile.
Do you still have the set of gaiters you talked about on the site? Gerry
Ihuntbiggame wrote on Krist Atanasoff's profile.
Hi Krist, I’m interested in your Sako , can you please send me a email with a better description and your asking price . Thank you. From. Mike
CoElkHunter wrote on Mtn_Infantry's profile.
That's a monster buck you have in your avatar! Very Nice! Anyway, my brother in law and myself are planning to do some fishing while in Port Aransas. I think he/we are planning on taking a boat charter out a couple of days. He's a serious fisherman and I am not. Any suggestions?
Mark Griffin