Hello everyone I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself

Brandon Buttineau

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Mar 21, 2024
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Ontario Canada
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Just this one
Hello everyone my name is Brandon Buttineau
I live in Ontario Canada
I live to hunt and fish .
I have hunted my whole life in Canada but am saving for an African dangerous game hunt !!
It is a dream that I am definitely going to pursue
This looks like a great page with lots of good people and good Information

I don’t have any hunting pictures from out of the country but lots from Canada sorry I hope to change that real soon

Just wanted to say Hi and thanks in advance
Welcome to AH.
I currently bought a Sako 450 rigby only because they didn’t have and couldn’t get me the 416
If there is anyone on this page that lives in Canada and would like to sell or trade there Sako 416 brown bear for my 450 rigby sako brown bear would be greatly appreciated

Thank you !
Hola hermono
Welcome to AH

We accepting hunting stories and pictures from home.
Welcome to AH.
Hunt reports and stories are welcome from everywhere people hunt.
:S Welcome:
What's up Doc!
Lots of free knowledge and support for your trip(s) to come.

And any hunting stories are welcome.
Good day! Welcome to AH!!
Welcome welcome welcome

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tacklers wrote on ianevans's profile.
Hi Ian, I'm contemplating my first outing, leaving UK via Dubai to Africa, taking rifles as you did.

I presume it went okay for you, would you have done anything differently? Cheers, Richard East Sussex
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Are you still looking for a 375 H&H?
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Sable @ the lodge this morning

Buffalo encounter this morning!