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  • Hunt Banteng in the Northern Territory, Australia
    Coburg Peninsular, Northern Territory has the only free-range huntable herd in the world.

    Although plentiful to the point that they are culled to maintain the numbers relative to the environment, they are expensive to hunt as these are conducted on Aboriginal owned land only. The NT Government...
  • .303 Rigby
    Yes it is, I wish bolt action take downs we’re still made at an affordable price point
  • Livingstone Eland Hunt Zambia
    What a dandy bull!
  • 132 pounds and 7 and a half feet long Elephant tusk
    Maybe the guys in the photo are children lol if they were four feet tall it would make sense.
  • Safari Hats
    Is the Stetson to much for hot weather hunts? That (fedora style) is my preferred hat for most of my (usually colder/rainy) hunts. For my upcoming Mozambique hunt I am quite concerned about the heat. Was looking at some similar straw hats, but questioned if they would survive the plane rides..