Trophy Elephant Hunt Immediately Available In Sobbe Conservancy Caprivi Namibia


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Our PH and staff are already in camp and prepared for the hunt, and there is a lot of elephant movement in this area right now. Our client would have arrived tomorrow but had to cancel due to unexptected illness.

In this area the client would need to be fit enough to walk at least 5km (unless we are fortunate to spot an appropriate elephant from a road). Expect a bull elephant between 35 and 50 pounds. This hunt is ideal for a client who is already in the country or on their way to Namibia now (we would require a few days to get the new permit in place).

The hunt would have to take place before 28 April when our next client arrives at this camp, and would be priced at US$25,000.
The same hunt can also be done from 22 June until around 6 or 7 July, and would be priced at US$30,000. The price difference is due to the fact that right now the camp is already prepared with food and beverages, whereas at the later date we would have to restock the camp with fresh produce.

Please contact me privately in case of interest in this hunt –
Karl (+264811285416 for WhatsApp) or Colleen (+27730931682), or email

(An elephant photographed last week in Sobbe Conservancy)

Elephant Caprivi.jpg
How many pounds do you think the elephant pictured is?
Karl, hope someone picks up this deal.
Are these elephants importable to the US?
Dang I wish I could!
OMG!!!! I will be there May 15th for Buff.... Argh!!!

My report is posted for last year's Ele hunt - this is a great opportunity!!
I recon the bull in picture is around 40 to 45 pounds. Yes, the ivory is importable to the USA.
This is a fantastic deal. Hope someone on AH is p[positioned to get there and hunt with you.
I highly recommend this PH. I had the good fortune of hunting with Karl twice, and they were both the greatest hunts I have ever experienced.
Of course, if you’ve researched hunting Namibia before, you already knew of Karl’s reputation.
Feel free to contact me.
Karl is a great outfitter.
My son worked for him for a few months to gain experience in dangerous game.
He runs a fantastic operation.
Somebody will have a great hunt.
I am almost tempted to book the hunt for myself.
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Wow what a deal!!!! Hope someone grabs this.
Sorry guys, SOLD!
That's a relief!!!! No doubt if it had still been available when I get there on May 15th Karl would have "found" that bull while we were hunting buffalo and I'd be out 25 grand :)
¿Cuántas libras crees que pesa el elefante de la foto?
It´s not a good idea to judge the elephant tusks just from behind the bull once they look much bigger than they really are. Any way, I would say out of the lip 35 inches long and 16 circunference, so it means something around 43 pounds.

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