The Difference Between An Agreeable & A Difficult Client From A Professional Hunter Perspective...

IvW, your write up was not only great but spell-binding. Rest assured that the vast majority of AH members would want nothing to do with "Mister X" on a hunt or otherwise. It is too bad that PHs have to deal with jerks like him even occasionally. BTW the next time things are slow and you've nothing to do but gaze into the "bush" tv, please pick up your laptop or what ever is available and share some more of your experiences with us.
Interesting story and thanks for the good read. I'm no expert (only one trip to Africa), but my PH certainly was (32 years as a PH!). He stressed at the outset of our hunt that everyone in the hunting party needs to be in sync. Not just working together, but really thinking together too. He was right, I ended up with eight animals in eight days, including two Dugga Boys taken together. When you are stuck with a guy like Mr. X, it must be very, very difficult to conduct a successful hunt!
Great story. Enjoy the Klipdrift
That was great! I would have a hard time not telling a guy like that what a complete jackass he is, but then again I work in a jail and have that opportunity daily. Just got back from RSA a couple weeks ago. My PH who I also hunted with 10 years ago and is a total pro had a bad client story. Said this guy was such a know it all and total jerk to be around that after 3 days he told the owner he just couldn’t do it. Was the last hunt of the year so he went home and they had another PH take over. That PH made it but said worst client of his career. Hopefully those guys are few and far between. Thanks for the great read!!!
And I thought all the really good African writers were dead.Ivw you have much more talent than just a awesome ph please do not let that laptop cool off I have a personal library of some 54 hunting books but have much room for many more get one headed to publishing,May the hunting gods shine on you for the rest of your days and keep asshole clients away,God bless
You put the reader right in the middle of your camp with this tale. I smiled, I winced, and am forever thankful I have never had to associate with this kind of hunter before such as Mr X. I do not like him, and would love to meet him to give him a proper ass-whippin. I agree. A book of your tales would have great appeal! Thank you for sharing.
IvW, that was one of the best reads I've had in quite a while....couldn't wait to get to the next section :) You must have the patients of Job to put up with that jackwagon, I know I wouldn't have been able to maintain your composure. Thanks for the fantastic posts!!
IvW, you have a gift of writing. The ability to bring us all right along with you. Great story and I hope we get to hear more from you. Thank you for sharing!
Great write up @IvW, I always enjoy your posts. I'm always amazed at how much more "Part Timers" know than the full time Professionals.
IvW, Considering your skill for writing and life as a PH, I'd be the first in line to buy a book of your short stories, along the line of John Sharp's tome. :)
WOW! I was very surprised when I fired up my laptop and saw all the responses it was a bit overwhelming! Many thanks for the replies and I am glad you guy's enjoyed the write up....
This was a great read, possibly not a great experience for you, but to me hunting is a personal experience, not about the tape, not about making money from footage, its about enjoying Africa or wherever you are.
I was relatively on my first trip to Africa, I arrived 3 days before discribed by others at the lodge....the obnoxious hunting client's kids were to leave, so I had very little interaction/ I'll opportunity to be around them.

My PH had us in route to our hunting area(s) before these kids were up and we didn't get back to the lodge until these kids were already in bed.

Kids will be kids, but teenagers, 10, 11, 12, 13 year olds, should know.....have been taught manners and being respectful of others.

The second time was on my second trip to Africa. Unfortunately my PH from my first trip was unavailable as he already had clients/hunters when I arrived.

The clients/hunters he had to deal with next I met and socialized with for ten minutes,.....10 minutes waaaayyy to long.

Sometimes it's not always another hunter/client that can disrupt a trip.
Clients like the one which you were personally guiding are a God send. They make our occupation very enjoyable.
Regarding Mr. X , l certainly feel that he is a show man and not a sportsman.
As I read this article , l keep reading a mention of a phrase “ not his first rodeo “ . I understand that this means that Mr. x is inferring that he had hunted buffaloes before at least once . I wonder what the circumstances and outcome of that previous “ rodeo” was.
No sensible person , not even in our time would use a solid metal envelope bullet for the first ( and hopefully only , if the shot is correct) shot on a buffalo. A soft head bullet was always used for the first shot from the side ( with the objective of piercing two lungs). Metal envelope bullets were used for insurance shots , but ( as you will definitely know ) , a buffalo can stay alive and remain a threat even after it was been shot in the heart by a metal envelope bullet for up to 17 minutes. . With bullets available these days which have controlled rates of expanding , it is very unreasonable to use solid bullets of any form on these large bovines.
Fortunately , you stopped the wounded female in time.
I enjoyed this so much. I also appreciate your explanation of using softs for most scenarios on buff. I’ve seen so many instances of people shooting solids and having to shoot the buff many times to take it down. There are many high quality “softs” now that are very effective.
Again thanks for sharing this great story.
PS now I’m itching to head back over!

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