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  • Hunting Warthog
    10.75x68mm Mauser

    We are talking about it here:

  • Hunting Warthog
    What caliber is that beautiful Time Machine.
  • Hunting Warthog
    Thanks, friend. This was on a pretty big place just outside of Windhoek. I was a tag-along with two old friends who were trying to bag some antelope they hadn't hunted before.

    It was a perfect situation. We had the rifle in the truck for something fun. We spotted this pig from far off...
  • Hunting Warthog
    LOVE that rifle.
    And ya, nice warthog too.
  • Brown Bear Hunt Alaska
    Congratulations for this great achievement
    I really appreciate how you choosen to stay in the pitture, not "far behind", but just near to him : a great Bear like this does not need any magnification effect, and the pic just look more realistic and honest! Good job!