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Apr 1, 2017
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Just thought I'd share a photo of the scrub bull I shot recently & some others that (unfortunately) I could not get near.
Friend reckons hunting scrub bulls in the scrub is dangerous as they can be "on you" extremely quickly before you know about it.
This hunt was in the Northern Territory in early November last year.

Scrub Bull Nov 2019.jpg
DSC_0233.JPG Scrub bulls.jpg
DSC_0237.JPG Ray walking.JPG


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Dr. Ray, that tan one is a lot easier to see. Which one did you shoot? Is the meat good to eat? What caliber rifles do you use on those critters? Do you have to look for brands prior to shooting them?
The one in the top photo. I shot him at around 70-80m through the near top of the right shoulder and the bullet exited through the left.
The bull went down but was soon on his feet and limped a little way.
Two or more shots to down him.
It was very hard going even at 8:13 AM with very high temperature and humidity.
The tan group - just couldn’t get close enough for a 416 Rem as they were something like 400m plus away through the scrub.
Six years ago my Dad shot his first NT scrub bull and we took the backstraps and tried to bash it and cook it into submission. We gave up. I threw it over the fence to try to help this starving, persecuted, homeless, skittish dog. She’s now sleeping on her own couch across from me, and killed a huge whip snake in the yard last week.
The photographer is Alannah M from Howard Springs just outside if Darwin. With her new camera she shot these excellent photos.
Many thanks, Alannah.
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No problem Doc. just an obvious autocorrect that I couldn't help commenting on. Please reread :rolleyes::rolleyes: the post about your photographer.
They are indeed good photos.

I’ve already rung Alannah to tell her people seem to like her photography.
The tan group - the camera made them look like they were close- they were not otherwise would have whacked the tan one.
The bull I got had a bump - obviously part Brahman. Really tough to put down and tough to chew.
Alannah’s pups are cutting their teeth on the meat.
Looks like another grand time in the Northern Territory! Not sure I could handle that heat and humidity! Ugh!
Looks like another grand time in the Northern Territory! Not sure I could handle that heat and humidity! Ugh!

Ridge walker when (note when) you finally arrive here we’ll go hunting scrub bulls and buffalo.remember Fierce Jess is watching you!
Looks like another grand time in the Northern Territory! Not sure I could handle that heat and humidity! Ugh![/QUOTE
I haven’t tried, but I will!
I haven’t been that far North yet but I would endure the weather for a chance at Buff or scrub bull.
Any more pics Dr?

I’ll send some soon
Battery almost completely flst
Just been talking w ridge walker

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