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May 24, 2011
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I am ordering a custom 'primitive' bow kit from a master craftsman in this type of bow for this years 'primitive' hunt.
It is a dream- type of hunt that I've thought of for years , and now the opportunity has knocked on my door...


I plan on hunting warthog walk- and- stalk at about 15 m .
If the warthog hunt went well with this set-up, then I'll attempt an Impala from ambush as well.


This bow is made of Gemsbuck horns, and the preliminary stats are as follows;
550gr arrow @ 170f/s


The momentum / penetration would not be a problem,though accuracy is always a challenge in this type of bow,hence the short hunting distance planned.

As most arrow tips would be able to do the job at that distance, [15-20 m] I would be interested in the more experienced bow-hunters here opinion in my 'primitive' bow project , and to advise me on the 'most suitable' specific type of broads-heads and weight ? [BIG cutting surfaces, 125 gr , etc?]

Photo's show the nearly finished project [the dassie vel- 'sound dampeners has still to be fitted for one]
The 'nocks' are also made out of gemsbuck horn.


I'm starting getting too 'old' for the spear-hunts on warthog now [???!] , and want to do it a bit differently this year...[lol]

wow that bow is amazing how did you come to acquire this/who is selling this kit i would love one of these if obama will let me have one.
I've done a fair amount of hunting with primitive bows and your set up is producing about the speed that I would expect and is more than enough for even the larger antelopes. Use a good cut on contact 125 grain broadhead like the Zwickey Eskimo and your good to go. Your starting out on two of the worst string jumpers so that may be a problem.
Very cool bow. Made one very similar myself a few years ago. Fun to shoot
Sounds like some fun is in the offing.

I agree, cut on contact broadhead. Attaching them is going to be interesting. Inserts, etc.
The arrows are reasonably heavy so 125's will work.
Two or three blades. Check penetration and use which works best for those arrows.

I would be interested to know what material they have used for the riser and how they attached it.
I was wondering about the riser as well. I am trying to think about the flex from gemsbuck horns... Is the riser providing some of this? Also, are the horns filled with anything or still hollow? Very unique and interesting. I may need to take another gemsbuck now to have the needed materials for this kit. :). Let us know if the kit is available for others to purchase.
Traditional Bowhunter magazine had a article on making a gemsbok horn bow 12-15 years ago, maybe it's available on line. The riser he used had no flex, made of hardwood.
Good luck and keep us posted!
looks nice willem and :E Shocked: cant believe you are going all modern and moving forward from your spear to such hi tech things like bows and arrows.......;) jeez you might eventually get to one of the new fangled muzzle loader things..... :E Big Grin:
Traditional Bowhunter magazine had a article on making a gemsbok horn bow 12-15 years ago, maybe it's available on line. The riser he used had no flex, made of hardwood.
That is what I did when I made mine. Hardwood plug tapered at both ends to fit the inside shape of each horn,then rough up the inside and epoxy the wood in place. I didn't fill the horn or taper it like it appears to be in the above pics, but I also ended up with and 85lb draw that stacked very early. Would be best to find the longest thinnest female horns you can for this in my opinion
........... Would be best to find the longest thinnest female horns you can for this in my opinion

Take your new world record Gemsbok and make a bow out of the horns. I can imagine the looks.
I got mine off Ebay since I had not been to africa In this case, even if they were world record, go for it if they are cheap since you didnt shoot it! I'd never use horns from an expensive trophy I shot and paid for to use for something like that.
Aaaw, Spike , I sure became a sissy now that age become a "factor" ! Lol
You just gave me an idea for next year"s hunt though....
Yes , my bow is made out of thinner Gemsbuck cow horns.

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It is a very nice bow, and probably much more useful than mine was!
some more close-ups


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What an awesome looking bow setup! Deadly looking arrows and broadheads as well. Almost too good looking to shoot! :)
Taking my Oryx-horn primitive bow out for its first hunt for bushpigs out of a nicely camouflaged natural ground blind under some huge trees...

Very cool!

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