Prayers for Mike

Thank you for all the well wishes. I’m doing a bit better.1st Physical Therapy session today. I did well.

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'Used to ride 60,000 mi/yr, 40 yrs of on/off road riding, enduro racing, road racing, etc. but then I hit 4 deer at night (4 separate incidents-it's overpopulated where I live-i yelled and kicked the last 2 away in panic but went down hard on the 1st two, including one at highway speed) so I looked at my kids and gave up riding on the street. (It only takes 4 for a guy to have this epiphany. LOL) 'Have been to too many premature funerals. I am skillful, but also realized very lucky to be alive. Kids said 'should get a vanity tag that says "1 Left (out of 9 lives!)" YOU are also VERY Lucky. And the kicker, my friends call 'em Hardly Dangerous!? Wear ALL the gear, ALL of the time. I only had a lot of broken bones and scars. On the other hand, an off-road only riding friend was invited to hunt an unfamiliar farm for whitetails...He climbed into the stand assigned to him using the strapped-on climbing ladder sections..the last (highest) one broke loose and he fell, legs down, 20 feet. He lost both legs. :( BE safe. Enjoy your LIFE and Hunting!!! :)
I had a close call about 2 months ago. Hit a barricade that had been bumped into the road. I thought hard about calling it quits then. In retrospect…

Thank you everyone for the thoughts. I’ve made it home and have about 3 weeks before I can start the process for a prosthetic. Started doing laundry today and while it has been difficult, it also has made me feel accomplished.
Prayers for s speedy recover.
I recall the NCAA wrestler finalist from Brigham Young (I think) who was missing one leg above the knee. With that much meat missing he was otherwise physically two weight classes above who he was wrestling. I would love to have seen him at work. We will be following your progress. You are an inspiration.
You’re gonna have to make sure you shoot straight with that buffalo, definitely can’t out run him now.

Glad you’re doing better, keep up the PT man
Wanted to give an update. I have been out of the rehab hospital for about a week. Made it to my apprenticeship graduation Friday. Getting better by the day.

Appreciate all the support and well wishes from AH.

Wow man. I'm an ortho surgeon -- done a few amputations for unlucky motorbikers. People with a good attitude generally do well. It takes a while, and there are times you'll swear you're going backwards or losing ground. Hang in there. It's about a year before everything settles in.

On a positive note, I sign plenty of forms for injured hunters that let them have additional latitude for off-road travel and ATV use while hunting here in the US. It depends on the state, but it's worth looking at.
Ontario: I turned out as a plumber. The local has pipe welders, fitters, and HVAC techs. We get the basics in all 4 trades and the company I was at, we got to do it all.

Bryce: I’m doing my best to hang in there. Hoping that it takes less than a year. If the wound vac comes off on Tuesday, they’re going to start with the shrinker. I’m probably going to get rid of the ATV. Should I not, thank you for the idea.

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