Prayers for Mike

Man, I can't believe you opened the door for this group to come up with nicknames. Surely you have read how sick their postings can be?

I guess it would get pretty boring, riding motorcycles counter-clockwise on a hill,,,,

Best wishes!
Dude, wow!

I enjoyed meeting you at DSC and the AH events, I like the smile on your face and the gleam in your eye.

Godspeed on your recovery. You’re in my prayers. You’ve got this!
Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Sounds like you have a great attitude going into your journey! How about "Stumpy Hunts the World"
Iron man…. Iron Mike

Keep the attitude and spirits high, you’ll be off hunting some wild beasts in no time
Very sorry to hear the news. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
I'm glad to hear you're moving up. Your sense of humor will carry you far. I have a friend who lost both of his legs at the kneevf from an electrocution. First words out when he woke up and found out was " Look how much I am going to save on shoes!" Positive attitude is key.
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Could be worse for sure. Neighbor across the street lost both legs to Harley accident.
work hard I can see by your face you got this.
will be praying for great things in therapy!

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