Prayers for Mike

You got it Mark.
Prayers and God Bless
God, bless and heal him.
Keep us updated Mark.
I’m out of town until Monday night…but if anyone can figure out where he’s at, I’ll swing by and check on him as soon as I get back in town..
Prayers to him and his family. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.
Prayers sent
Prayers to him and his loved ones
Prayers sent.
Prayers sent. Hopefully a quick recovery.
Prayers sent, hope he’s right as rain post haste
Prayers sent. Hope he feels better soon.

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jgraco33 wrote on 85lc's profile.
Is your 22HP still available? If so have the original case?
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Hi Ian, I'm contemplating my first outing, leaving UK via Dubai to Africa, taking rifles as you did.

I presume it went okay for you, would you have done anything differently? Cheers, Richard East Sussex
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Are you still looking for a 375 H&H?
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